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Brownies didn't turn out right

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Danland72, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all. Was wondering if some can help with what I did wrong. I made brownies and 3 big brownies did nothing for me. I smoke everyday but just a little.

    I put 4g of good bug in peanut oil for a week then cooked it for an hour a 20 minutes. Made the brownies and ate 3. I think the only thing I felt was a sugar buz.

    The oil was brownish and I put the oil and bud in the brownie mix..
  2. What temp did you cook your oil at? Or did you just let the oil soak, then put the oil in the recipe and cook as is?
  3. How many brownies did you make? Like what fraction of them did you eat.
  4. Instead of wasting a week soaking your bud in oil, just decarb the bud in the oven for 20 minutes or so, then make the oil on your stove top. Add that to your brownies, and it should work fine.
  5. Oh, you say 4g good bud?..........I thought you say 4g of good bug!
  6. :laughing:

    I prefer crickets, myself.

  7. U never had chocolate covered mealworms then:smoke:
  8. I ate some crickets the other day. They were cheddar and bacon flavored. :yummy:
  9. chocolate earthworms are pretty good

  10. I'm not sure what temp the oil was. The dial was on 4 and when I dropped water in the oil it popped. I backed the townies at 350

  11. It made 12 large brownies and I ate 3 at once.
  12. You should try and stay away from hot oil and water not a great idea. But as long as your oil wasnt bubbling too much or giving off a smoke you shoulda been fine on temp

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