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Brownies - could I have done them wrong?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Potionphoenix, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. So yesterday I made a batch of brownies from a box. I had made budder the day before. I've never made either.

    I used about 3.5 grams to a stick of butter, added a little water and cooked it in a slow cooker on low for about 7 hours stiring every now and again to make sure not to burn it. I did all this after I decarbed for 45 mins in a toaster oven set to 240 degrees.

    Now my brownies called for one egg, 1/4 cup water, and 1/3 cup oil. I didn't have oil, but I had a 1/3 cup of budder. So I melted it down and poured it in just like I would've done with oil. They came out looking great..

    If I did my math right..... I had 2oz of budder, meaning I should cut 20 servings to be right around 10mg per bite.

    So I did.. I ate one brownie. 3 hours later I felt nothing but a slight tingling feeling all over for about ten minutes. Now I know that this buy wasn't great quality but it does the job when smoking.

    What happened to be this morning was hell..... I had nausea and diarrhea. Could that be because of the brownies? I'm so confused and kinda disappointed.
  2. If you had eaten the herb after decarb, then you would've gotten very high. After optimal decarb, which yours was close to being, the herb is at maximum potency, and any additional heat begins to degrade the thc into cbn. That's probably what happened to you. Air decarb @ 180 F, not too far from crockpot low, takes about 8 hours. Oil decarb is different from air, but there's still a lot of decarb going on. Next time decarb, grind to powder, mix into the recipe butter, and bake, being careful to avoid too much more time/temp. Simpler and more effective is to just mix the ground decarbed herb into anything and consume. Attempting to infuse butter is very inefficient.
  3. I thought the butter or oil was necessary, something about bonding to fats?
  4. That's a myth.
    THC needs to bond to nothing, as FECO and RSO users know well.
    You can put decarbed, ground herb into capsules all by itself and get super high.
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  5. So here it is, boxed brownies, quick and dirty, that will get you hammered...

    1) decarb your ganja- roughly break it up, put it in a foil pouch (think envelope made of foil.), put that in a preheated 240*F oven for fourty minutes. Properly decarbed ganja looks dark and almost burned some times. It's completely dried and crumbly. It smells funky, funky, FUNKY!!!

    2) mix the decarbed ganja into the oil the recipe calls for- i grind the ganja fine between two spoons then mix it into 2/3 cup of coconut oil because it's better for you and superior to butter by a small margin. I use warmed oil or warmed butter and you can use lowest heat to get the ganja to properly steep in the oil (more on this below) Not necessary, but it helps with onset time and how hard it hits.

    3) mix ingredients and bake per directions- Just follow the box directions and cook as instructed. Then let them cool and cut them into twelve equal brownies. You're done, it's time to eat one and get fucked up!!!

    It takes anywhere from a quarter of a gram to a half of a gram of decarbed ganja per person to get nice and baked. So an eighth (3.5 grams) to a quarter (7 grams) of decarbed ganja per twelve brownies is the sweet spot. I use a quarter (7 grams) of decarbed ganja and then cut the brownies into twenty four pieces for brownie bites. Better control over how hammered one gets.

    Improving potency-
    Kind of a misnomer but you can get the brownies to hit far harder and quicker by using sunflower lecithin. It's an emulsifier of sorts and helps every bit of the good stuff bind to the fats in the oil or butter you're using. It makes one hell of an impact, a noticeable one!! 1 teaspoon per 3.5 grams of ganja. Grains or liquid it makes no difference.

    Another way to improve onset is by using a fatty oil like coconut oil and then steeping the decarbed ganja in that oil over night. The key is super low heat. A coffee pot warmer would be perfect. Just grind the decarbed ganja fine between two spoons, add it to the 2/3 cup of coconut oil or butter, put that in a coffee mug on the coffee pot warmer for at least four hours, over night works best. Yes, add the sunflower lecithin BEFORE you steep over night.

    What to expect-
    If you did quick and dirty brownies (decarbed ganja and coconut oil only. No lecithin or over night steeping) you'll get hammered in about an hour and a half to two hours. And I do mean hammered.

    If you add the steeping over night you'll get hammered in about an hour to an hour and a half. These brownies WILL induce couch lock at this point.

    If you add sunflower lecithin before the over night steeping it's possible you might have an out of body experience. Basically the heat and the emulsification makes so much of the psychoactive good stuff available so fast that it really is an altogether magical experience. You'll be flying in sub orbital space in about an hour or so. Get ready, you're in for one hell of a ride.

    Do not make brownies where each brownie / edible has more then half of a gram of decarbed ganja until you know for sure how you and others are going to react.

    Getting to fucked up on edibles isn't like smoking where you green out and don't get high any more. You'll just get higher and higher until you're fucking sick, ill, mentally fucked and out of control. Just go easy until you know how it's going to work.

    Trouble shooting / my edibles suck ass!-
    If your edibles don't work then you fucked up the decarb. It's just that simple. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Once you get the decarb down you'll be making all sorts of cool stuff!!! Good luck and post your results!
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  6. There will be some over-decarb during the baking of the recipe that will reduce potency. I recently baked some cookies using whole, decarbed, ground herb, and they were slightly weaker than unbaked edibles made from the same amount of the same herb.
  7. If the edibles don't work as desired then it's an issue with the decarb. Could be your shitty oven or something else. I'm not trying to be a dick so much as I just know better.

    Minds far greater then ours who have actually had those decarb temps and cook time results lab tested have proven that 240*F for fourty minutes is indeed the sweet spot. Using a thermometer to accurately gauge oven temps is a must.
  8. Honestly it sounds like they are just pretty week brownies, for me to get a decent high off those I would probably need about 8-10, totally depends on the person's edible tolerance...You also may have undercooked them a bit which might have made your stomach upset
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  9. I knew i was making them a bit weak cause everyone talked about going slow your first time. I ate a bit more last night, 5 really, ended up feeling a bit woozy but i dont think high. Everyone says the high is different. Should I expect less from this high than smoking?
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  10. No, the high should be very profound from edibles. It's easy to ruin the herb by over-cooking, and when that happens, the high won't be good.
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  11. See thats what I wasnt sure about. I couldnt figure if I was high or just tired...... Im gonna try and make some firecrackers now. Just put it in to decarb. Any suggestions?
  12. The simplest thing to do is decarb the herb (240 F for 40 min with an accurate oven thermometer), grind to powder, mix with nutella or nut butter in a small bowl, spread onto crackers, and eat. This is my most potent edible. I mix up frequent small batches using 16 g home made nutella for every gram of herb, and make cracker sandwiches out of keebler clubs. There's nothing magic about the 16-1 ratio, and any ratio works. A nice amount is 4 grams mix per sandwich, which contains 1/4 g herb, and therefore about (0.15)*(250 mg) = 38 mg thc. I haven't quite decided whether these get better with time. My friends use between 1/2 and 1 1/2 sandwich for a nice high, or 3 for a knockout.

    Any recipe that accurately decarbs, uses whole herb, and then adds only very little more heat will be just as good as this. Most firecracker recipes use a two stage decarb, which is unnecessary but OK. I think of this recipe as "firecracker spread."
  13. My guess would be 1) toaster ovens are not very stable --- they cycle very high heat and then turn off, so you may have over temp your decarb --- you are better off with a regular oven with an oven thermometer and pizza stone. 2) 7 hours seems awfully long to extract after a decarb - really don't need much more than ~2 hrs tops. 3.5 g into 20 doses is pretty light - the last batch I did was ~8 g into 16 doses and that was pretty light for most but nice for me - not super stoned but feeling it for sure - it was a nice sativa. Dial in your decarb and shorten up the simmer --- your cooking it afterwards too... Since you did feel it, you're on the right track.
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  14. So for the sunflower licithin, powdered or liquid? Does it matter?

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