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brownies avb

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by higherfire, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. I could use a good recipe for making Oil with *AVB* already vaped bud, i dont know if a standard oil recipe would work the same since the thc has already been activated and the bud is vaped

    Any help would be nice i believe i have around 15gs
  2. Just made abv cake yesterday. Just put like 3/4 cup to a cup (depending on whatever youre baking it into) into a pan, put it on your grill and add the vaped weed. Stir the oil every 5 minutes for an hour to keep it from burning, usecoffee filters or something else to filter the bud out, cook into food, get stoned.

    Abv edibles are honestly the strongest edibles ive ever had, and ive had some crazy shit from the dispensaries
  3. Thanks! at what temperature should i set the oven top at?
  4. I would not do more than medium heat. You want the oil to show some bubbles but you dont want it like crazy boiling. The goal is to keep it from getting insanely hot so that you can keep it on the stove for at least an hour. If you live with your parents i would suggest using the grille outside rather than the stove inside
  5. You cook it basically the same as normal, but since it's been vaped and some of the THC is used up you might need to add twice as much. 1 gram bud : 1 oz oil is the ratio that's worked for me, but you could make it even more potent by using 1g per 0.5 oz oil

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