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Brownies and Tolerance.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jenova52, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey GC,

    i have 2 inquiries

    1. I smoke a bit too often and therefore my tolerance is pretty high. I'm going to eat a hash brownie tonight and was wondering if my high tolerance would make the experience a waste or if it would just lessen it a bit. Ive heard that brownies work very differently than smoking weed does. Does anyone have any further insight to give me?

    second inquiry is a bit more pointed but please bear with me.

    2.I started smoking about 4 months ago, or at the start of the spring 2010 semester. After a month of smoking copious amounts everyday i noticed that i wouldnt get nearly as high as when i started and that it would only last about a half hour. I looked online and learned about T breaks. Truthfully im a bit of an addict (extremely addictive personality) and so ive never really gone more than 2 days or so without smoking. It doesnt bother me so much that i dont get super blitzed when i smoke, however it bothers me that when i brought it up to the person who first smoked me out and who i smoke with nearly everyday, he possitively flipped on me saying theres no such thing as tolerance and that i haven't even been smoking long enough to know what i'm talking about. I tried to explain to him that i was just expressing to him what was happening to me and that i would probably need to take frequent breaks if i wanted to get blitzed when i smoke. He basically told me i sound like a crackhead who only smokes to get high. I was a bit confused by this, wondering why the hell else i would smoke weed, but didn't press him about it. I suppose my question is, do some people really not have a tolerance even when they smoke every day all day? Is it normal for my friend to react like he did or was he acting a bit odd? Has anyone else encountered such hostility towards the subject of tolerance?
  2. Your friend is wrong, tolerance is real. I don't see why your friend would flip out over something like that, just tell him to look that shit up online. If you smoke lot, you will still have a tolerance for brownies but they will still get you blazed.
  3. iknorite? my other friend experiences the same thing and together when we were drunk we were making fun of him for saying theres no tolerance. We actually made him rage quit life for a bit even tho we had a half e of og kush left to smoke. he gets reallllllyyyy pissed about it for apparently no reason.
  4. They are 100% real. All you need to do is smoke more tho :)
  5. not even true. No matter how much i smoke i will not have the exact same high as the first time i got stoned. I still get really high but it's definitely not the same. If you don't agree, take a 4 month break and after that you will understand.
  6. Edibles will fuck you up if you dont have a tolerance for them, its a different tolerance then smoking i think. in that they dont interfere with one another. I have a pretty good tolerance but last week I made my first edibles (fircrackers) with almost a gram two nights in a row. First night I almost fainted and probably would have if i didnt lay down and go to sleep, and the fucked up part was it was 4 hours after I ate them. When I woke up from the weed sleep about 5 hours later i was still a little buzzed. the second night they kicked in within 60 minutes and i ended up getting the worst cotton mouth that I could remember after a year of smoking. i also ended up just being confused I couldnt even find my way around a a familiar shopping plaza. becareful with edibles, even if you have a good smoking tolerance.
  7. what are you talking about? how are tolerance's not 100 percent real? And I know you wont get as high as your first time, but say you smoked a g your first time, and your second time smoking u smoked 2 gs, you would be just as blazed if not more thats all im saying, i guess i worded it wrong the first time

  8. word i understand completely. ive been smoking every day for the past 6 months and I gotta tell you I don't get the same highs as I used to. Last week I even solo'd a 1.2g joint (ak-47) to try to get really high but I could still tell my high was different from when I'd first started.

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