Brownie Trouble

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  1. Going on a trip and wanted to make some weed brownies.
    Going on a trip and decided to get a dub of some good corn and cook up some weed brownies. Got it set up and ended up with 6 cupcake sized brownies. Ate one have been high for 4 hours.

    A very chill feel good high. Slight lazy eye but still functional.

    I was packing the last 5 for my trip when my sister came nosing around asking for one. I tell her no for obvious reasons. (She doesn't smoke) She starts making a scene about sharing etc. My aunt overhears and swoops in taking one of my brownies and giving it to my sister.

    I'm watching all this in complete and unter shock. It happend so fast I didnt know how to react (still high and reflexes slow). I played it cool, trying to thnk of ways to get the brownine out of my sisters hands. Its pretty big and i figured i could stop her from eating enough to get her high. As my plan comes together I look over and see her popping in her mouth the last bite.

    I was like "Did you eat it all alreay?" She goes "Yea haha" Licking her fingers. I broke out into laughter :laughing: She had no idea what she just ate. I went on my computer and put up a timer for 20 minutes. Thats usually how long it takes for me to start feeling the brownies.

    ATM Shes watching the movie and theres 9 minutes and counting on the clock. Gluttonous b*tch will get her just reward :devious:
  2. Constant updates of this thread are a must to make it a success.
  3. 30 minutes in and she seems to be enjoying the movie more. Giggles escaping her mouth more often now. Slight slant in the eyes. Will continue to monitor subject...
  4. Hahahaha this will be fun , it happened to me once as well , i had 2 brownies in my lunchpail and my superviser dude was calling me a hog and all that cos i wouldnt share , so i gave him one lol
    He was a jehovahs witness and didnt even drink..spaced him right the fark out lol he knew though and got all pissy about it.
  5. Hahahaha! This is the best thread on GC right now.. I can't believe you thought to give it live updates.. that's awesome:metal:. What's happening now?
  6. ahhahah keep us updated, this is hilarious.
  7. Update: She is dead quiet now. Watching her movie yawning and rubbing her now semi chincky eyes. I think shes in the chill zone :cool:
  8. lol So am I! The chill zone's niiice.

    Also, someone queue the the who posts the pictures about this thread being useless without pictures.
  9. ...and this is the part where OP gets poopcanned:wave:
  10. yeah op when your sister passes out just post a few 'upskirts'... yeahh..yay...yeah. anyway :devious::bolt:
  11. UPDATE: Its 4 am and my sister woke up freaking out. :eek:
    She thought she was going to die and was having a panic attacks. She thought her dreams were real! Haha

    I saw this and freaked cause I knew the reason. I kept my mouth shut though.
    She threw up the brownie and now is fine. Laughing about it. PHEW.
    Ill tell her the truth about the pot brownie 20 years from now. Until then its our own little secret :D
  12. hahahhah EPIC ending.

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