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    I've smoked many times but have never eaten brownies and I have a few questions. While tripping balls may be fun, I'd rather have a light to moderate high with my first brownie experience. Is this possible?

    1) How much should I eat? Like, if I ate 3 small bites of a brownie, would I possibly feel the effects lightly? I just can't figure out if it's "all or nothing" with brownies. Can you get a moderate high or is it either no effect or tripping? How much can I eat for a possible moderate high?

    2) What does the brownie high feel like?

    3) How does it feel for the brownie high to kick in? Is it gentle and gradual (desired effect) or sudden and harsh?

    I know this all seems uptight of me but I don't want to have a scary experience like many people have had before.

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    idk dude, first and only time i had brownies we used an OZ of haze, and i had 2 decent squares, i was violently high. telling my self everything will be ok just weather thru this, loll

    1) you should def eat a square and wait liek 40 -50 mins, i made the mistake of eating another one 30 mins in. Im sure if you don't use as much as we did your high can be mellow. (Someone please back me up)

    2 &3) The kick in for me was harsh. When it did hit, it was smooth, but then it got exponentially harsh withing 2 mins. so harsh i threwup. and then battled with memory loss, and coordination. i took it at 6 went to bed at 9, and was still in a weird state of half awake and half asleep.

    do it in moderation
  3. Ive never met anyone who has had a bad time with edibles. And for first timers i've given someone like half a brownie and 1 and 1/2 rice crispy treats. And I always smoke after eating it. I definitely would do some activity after you eat it to get your mind off of it.

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