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Brownie Question with ABV and WEED

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by dank nugglets, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little help with making brownies.

    I've made them before using only already been vaped weed, and they turned out great. Problem is, I used A LOT of it.

    This time, I only have about 16 grams of already been vaped weed, stems, and leafs saved up.

    I want to combine the ABV with some fresh dank.

    Anybody know how much nug I should use? A couple grams sound about right or am I way off base?
  2. well i made cookies last night with 4.8ish g's, around a half o of stems and a good bit of vaped bud and it worked great. i think if you get maybe a teenth of dank and mix it up with your other supplies, youll be straight on a SMALL batch of brownies
  3. Instead of making a new thread I'll just ask here.

    I'm a noob with edibles, but I'm not too shabby in the kitchen so I decided to make brownies at my friend's house when his parents are gone for the week:D

    I would say that he has about 14-20G of Vaped Weed, now we have more weed, but were pretty cheap with our bud so we would like to use as little as unvaped weed as possible but we want to get FUCKED by the brownies(assuming we make 9-10 brownies) that we eat.

    I have been doing my research and it seems like on this site, Hashmouf is the god of edibles, but his stuff calls for fresh weed ALONG with cannabutter.
    So can one use Cannabutter and no fresh weed or would even a little (2-3 grams) help?

    Thanks all, this forum is fantastic

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