Brown weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Legend, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. People, I just smoked some weed yesterday. It was supposed to be Thai.
    It was dark brownish, and it smellled kinda chocolatey.
    It got me so fucked, I think it was laced
    Can anyone fill me in
  2. i never smoked chocolate, but ive smoked brown weed aka charlie brown, yeah shit doesnt get me high? but i heard chocolate thai on a stick is supposed to be pretty good
  3. I always thought brown weed was really shitty or was already vaped.
  4. brown weed is bad weed. if it was a bad high then it's because it's bammer ass weed.
  5. Well, not necessarily. I had some AK-47 a while back and it wasn't completely brown, but yes a tad more brown than you would think.

    At first I was kind of disappointed since it was fucking AK-47! But let me tell you when it came down to blazing it it tore me up. It was a more potent high than usual.

    Looks can be decieving. But yes most of the time, brown weed is shitty weed.
  6. I know the chocolate tasting weed I used to get was just scwagg sprayed with a flavoring- it was brown as well. I did get high from it though, so I didn't mind (at the time atleast).

    Maybe you got ripped off?

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