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Brown Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by curious_stoner, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. I went to my dealer today and he said he just picked up some new bud that was pretty dank. I looked at it and it was a brownish color... I haven't had the chance to smoke it yet because I have classes and practice later. It has trichomes and some reddish hairs. Its pretty soft and smells good but I was curious because Ive never had brown weed before. I know there are some brown strands that are really good but what do you fellow smokers think? Will it be dank or did I get ripped off?

    some outdoor strains naturally 'brown' in color, but are not brown in color, do you know
    what I'm saying? if the bud is brown based, I would not smoke it. but if it is green with brown
    tones, it's probably good to go. post a picture next time.
  3. Only you can be the judge of that. Smoke it and report back.
  4. Pics?
    Doesn't sound like it's mexi shwag or anything.
  5. #5 curious_stoner, Nov 5, 2014
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    Here is a picture of it next to some regular bud I have. It looks much darker brown in person I promise.

    \n\nFor some reason the picture isn't showing, my wifi at school sucks... I'll keep trying
  6. U got the pic ?

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  7. It is probably the color of the trichomes, and I have seen some dank outdoor that at first glance looks like some brown dirt weed but with a closer look the nug was caked with trichomes that caused the nug to a look brown. It turned out to be a really good smoke.

    Bag appeal is honestly not how I like to test my bud. Smoking it is how I know if it is any good or not. Right now I got an ounce for 120 and its outdoor grown bud and it smells like the strain nice and strong, and it gets me blazed. The nugs don't look as sexy as they could but it gets me stoned and I like it. For half the price its a great deal.
  8. I don't care how dank it is I'm not smoking brown weed lol.

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