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Should I stay away from it

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  1. I recently got some free brown weed it's in nuggets not really same smell of weed it sorta smells like coffee in a way, it's sticky really brown, when I rolled up a blunt I lit it up it smells weird nthe blunt canoes and doesn't burn evenly. Can anyone tell me if I should stay away from it I also got some pictures if it will make it easier.
  2. This what it looks like

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  3. Sticky as in still too moist? Not burning evenly also tends to make me believe it's a dry / cure problem. And a good bud aroma won't present itself until a good cure has been done.
    Brown really isn't bad, if it got you high. It's just everyone is used to seeing bright green anymore.
    Storing the weed in too hot an area can cause it to lose its green color and turn brown as well.
    Or you could ask for your money back....
  4. Looks like old weed that was probably crispt dry and the tried to rehydrate it to sell.

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