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  1. So I'm growing my brothers plant. I don't know how long he's had it but its been growing outside but its about 105°-120°F outside so I'm going to try to transition to indoor. The tips are brown on some, & also some leaves at the bottom are turning yellow. Its in a 6x6 inch pot. Idk what I should do, is it the heat maybe nutrient deficiency?


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  2. Have you feed it anything? The tips are burnt like nute burn. Are the roots poking out of the bottom of the pot?
  3. I just water it and move it out of direct sun the roots aren't showing.
  4. I think she could just use a nice transplant with plenty of water ph'd at 6.0... she doesn't look to bad she has a bunch of new growth exploding out of her sides that looks promising... if out her in a five gallon pot with proper soil and added perlite and maybe some garden lime... I used fox farms happy frog... ocean forest is also good... fox farms is generally in nursery in most cities. Easiest way to find them is to go on their website and use the store locator because shipping soil is a ripoff. The stuff you buy at Walmart is just not that great of soil.

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  5. Yes pH you're water. If you're not giving nutes it could be the heat. Make sure it has soom breeze hitting it too
  6. Can somone give me some advice from transitioning to indoor?
  7. You need a light. Good ventilation. You have a set up already? Still in veg? Just move it into the spot. You gotta make sure you control that climate though or going indoor won't do anything for you
  8. If it's in flower well than stuck with its schedule. You're gonna need a timer regardless
  9. Not the exact schedule but you cant take from dark to light. If you want your lights running at night. Move it inside before the sun rises or after the sun sets and leave the light off. It will essentially get 24 hours of darkness. Better than 24 hours of light in the bud stage. Opposite for vegging
  10. yeah I'm gonna try to get a set up and everything tomorrow plus the water & everything thank you!

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