Brown tips, edges, spots, yellowing

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  1. Growing in walmart organic potting mix with 25% added perlite, under air cooled 600w MH. Ph'ing to between 6 and 7.
    Any thoughts on these symptoms?

    Blueberry is a little yellow with a little brown on tip and a couple brown spots.
    Strawberry Kush in 2nd pic has brown tips and edges.
    DSC_006646.JPG.jpg DSC_007136.JPG.jpg
  2. How long does it take the soil to dry out?

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  3. Soil might be to hot for seedlings flush it if necessary.
  4. Just to add a little information.
    24 days ago - seeds started in jiffy pellets
    12 days ago - seedlings placed in 16 oz solo cups
    5 days ago - fed with a weak mix of Jack's Classic All Purpose because they looked a little yellow
    3 days ago - noticed the brown tips on both Strawberry Kush (one shown above. The other is similar). Blueberry looked ok except a little pale. Transplanted to 3 gallon pots.
    This morning - noticed the brown tip and brown spot on one of the Blueberry plants (pictured above)

    When they were in the solo cups, the soil was drying out within 24 to 48 hrs. I've only watered once (with plain ph'ed tap water that has sat out overnight first) since moving to the 3 gallon pots, so hard to tell how long that soil will take to dry out yet. (to be clear, it's the same soil mix. I just assume it will take longer to dry out with the bigger volume)

    My 600w MH is about 2 feet above the plants, so plenty of light, but since it's air cooled, temps at plant level have stayed between 68F at night and a peak of upper 70's to 80F during the day.
    Humidity has ranged from 30 to 50.

    I've got 3 Pineapple Haze which look great. 3 Blueberry that all look a little yellow. Only one of them has the brown spot (pictured above). 2 Strawberry Kush which both look really good with the exception of the brown tips on 2 leaves each.
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    Here are a few pics from 3 days ago, right before I moved to 3 gallon pots.

    Blueberry 1

    Blueberry 2 Blueberry2.JPG

    Blueberry 3 Blueberry3.JPG

    Pineapple Haze 1 PineappleHaze1.JPG

    Pineapple Haze 2 PineappleHaze2.JPG

    Pineapple Haze 3 PineappleHaze3.JPG

    Strawberry Kush 1 StrawberryKush1.JPG

    Strawberry Kush 2 StrawberryKush2.JPG

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