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  1. So I had a seedling going last week and its stem turned brown and wilted over to where it wouldn't stand up so I trashed it but now I have a new seedling and it seems to be doing the same thing. I have it under a 400w mh bulb 16" away from the plant. I corrected the pH correctly in the rockwool, germinated in a paper towel this time and in the rockwool last time. I haven't giver them anything but a little bit of water. I have 4 plants that are about to pop out of the ground so quick answers are appreciate if anyone has any. Thanks in advance

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  2. The brown is stem rot, comes from too much watering and humidity usually

    Idk how to water rock wool since it dries so fast but I would tell u not use it next time unless ur doing hydro

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  3. Chunk the wool. They're extremely difficult to start plants in unless you KNOW what you're doing. If you're a true beginner, definitely start with soil and do yourself a favor and do some reading up on something other than what you're using to grow WITH. There is a process for growing this stuff inside and unless you understand the basics, you're going to kill everything you try to grow. Heck, even planting them in a little soil in a Solo cup (find out what KIND or TYPE of soil you need first) works better than those wool cubes. Don't give up though. You've just got to figure out what you're doing. But the only folks I know who start their plants in rock wool cubes (the home of rot) are those who grow using the hydro method. TWW
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  4. I didn't have any problems starting in rock wool but i didn't use them until my second run. PH 5.9 water with basic seedling dose gh flora series nutes in it. i was putting it on the rock wool till i got runoff then no water untill the weight felt almost dry just like i did for soil. I had a dome on them until they were an inch or two tall to keep em from drying out and as soon as i saw the root popping out the bottom i transfered them to the dwc buckets. Did mine in a solo cup half filled with hydroton and some hole in the bottom then had the rockwool in little black cups on top of that and a cut gallon bottle over them with a hole in the top. Under a 600 watt MH. Had no problems. with any of them.[​IMG]
  5. Thanks for the quick replies everyone. I'm definitely gonna switch to soil for now. The rockwool has been too much of a hastle so far
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