Brown Spotting on Lower Leaves

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  1. Brown Spotting on Lower Leaves

    Posted into Sick Plants subforum, was told I should repost here. Looking for opinions - if you've had this problem before and how you corrected it.
  2. Does it look like this?
    leafaa - Copy.jpg
  3. There are pictures in the hyperlink
    I'll put them here too, these are 3 different plants
    IMG_20170626_135750.jpg IMG_20170626_135756.jpg IMG_20170626_135803.jpg
  4. Do you have a Ec/ppm meatier? You should have both Ph and ppm meatiers. If your using tap water you could have a really high ppm to start with. This is not good. Bottled water or even better RO water is a hydro requirement in my opinion. Ph is even more important than ppm. Also my opinion. Ph should be between 5.6-6.2. I don't leave this range. What I would do is get some reverse osmosis water if you can't try bottled. You must Ph it to 5.8 ish. Then add your nutrients at 1/4 stranth. Your damaged leaves probably won't come back but it probably won't continue to the other levels. This is the best advice I have. Sorry if it's not the answer your looking for.
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  5. Looks like either extreme over fert of h issues
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  6. Overfert is possible, I was worried that I was adding too much. It's possible that my pH is too low, my test strips only go down to 6.2 and the color is a bit lighter than what is shown for a 6.2 reading.
    I'm going to dump my reservoir again and put in 1/4 strength nutes, and a full dose of Flying Skull enzyme cleaner (0.5ml each part per gallon)
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  7. How do your roots look?

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  8. They're starting to get a little brown, they were white a couple days ago
  9. Yeah sounds like root rot setting in then. Have your temps been high recently?
  10. You're a regular Sherlock. Yeah, I put another LED in the space and it added some heat. There was a morning they sat at 85F for a few hours, I've been on top of it since then. With the new LED adding heat I had to put like exhaust tubing on the front of my AC unit to drop the cold air on top of the lights. The space is staying 75F now with that setup, when it was closer to 70F without the new light...
    I reckon I'll throw some frozen water bottles in the reservoir, my water cooler shipment has been delayed for 2 weeks now, really screwing me.
  11. Maybe use a little hydrogard. See what other people say about it.
  12. I lied. I didn't change the reservoir yesterday. I got to thinking about how plants take time to react and the very recent reservoir change... Let it ride overnight, and this morning the top leaves are perking up in a good way and there is absolutely no new signs of stress/damage. Either my Flying Skull worked great, or the girls were just adjusting from the old shitty reservoir

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