Brown spotted lines in middle of leaves and extreme curling/drooping

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    Some of the top leaves of my plants are now appearing sick

    One plant a couple of the leaves are drooping heavily and is curling down

    Another plant the top leaves has brown spotted lines through the middle of the leaf.

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  2. Mine were doing that on my last grow, my friend came over and said, you need more nitrogen, so I threw some bat guano on top of the soil, watered it in, and it stopped. Not sure if that is what is your issue is, but my leaves sorta looked like those.
  3. I did a flush almost a week ago

    Gave it fresh nutrients 15-30-15 flowering food
  4. Hey whats your PH at feeding?
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    I don't have PH tester

    Mind suggesting a cheap one?

    for about 10-15 bucks?

    I used water from 5-gallon bottle filled up at a water station
  6. I started with something like this. I just googled hydro and pulled it of the first site to pop up but this will work for you and at lest get you in the ballpark.http:// I found PH to be my first leason. Go to your local hydro shop and they will have all kinds of fancy meters that cost alot of money ($200). I use a hanna meter because I found it hard to to gauge the color chart used by the less expensive testers. But every once in a while the meter needs calibrating and I still will check its accuracy from time to time with this style. But no matter what you should get one to know your pH because you nutes wont be worth anything to your ladies if they cant uptake them. Good luck and happy growing.:D

  7. did you go full strength on your nutes?15-30-15 has some heavy metals in it and would go at least 1/2 strength probably 1/4.your plants looked nute burned i wouldnt trip but would get on top of it:smoking:
  8. They were nute burned before I did the flush, part of the reason i did it

    which is where the tips turn brown, correct?

    I might have used to much before

    And when I fed earlier I used 3/4 the recommended amount
  9. wtf double post...

  10. i found a decent ph meter on amazon for like 12 bucks shipped. I would back off the nutes for a bit and just give filtered or bottled water til shows need of nutes.are you going to repot soon?:smoking:
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    no I wasn't even thinking of switching pots...

    something I just figured out though

    I messed up setting my light timer

    for 30 mins, twice a day the lights would go off

    instead of for 12 hours off

    was trying to start flowering lol

  12. cool glad to hear you caught it.:smoking:
  13. What are you growing her in? Is that soil? If so what kind and how
    big is the pot? Some meduims carry a pH of their own and need to
    be amended to a canna friendly pH. Also if it is soil it might not need
    nutes until in the the flowering stage. Im not a soil grower so it's not
    something I spent alot of time reading up on. Well once again good
  14. Ya it's soil

    The pots are 8inch 1 gallon pots

    It's as big as a pot I can have for my grow space

    if I want 6 plants...
  15. I'm in 2 liter pots with coco and when I was in veg I feed every 3 to 4 days depending on the weight of the pots. What soil did you go with? I hear fox farm is good.

  16. Is height an issue?you could cut the bottoms from one 8inch pot and stack it on the other to give your roots more area to grow in?1 gals will work though just be prepared to water daily:smoking:

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