Brown Spots!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by iseesmurfs420, May 30, 2003.

  1. I am on my third week of growing and have 3 nodes and the cotyledons have died. It was looking very healthy until just recently. Out of nowhere brown spots started showing up i was wondering what the hell this was. I hope this isnt the end of my plant :(
    But any help would be appreciated Thank You
    also having trouble with damn pictures any help on that would be appreciated also!
  2. are u using fert if so it might be overfert....
  3. nope no ferts at all
    all organic sid? anyone?
    any help?
  4. ahh ive been getting lil brown spots too i kept thinking that it was from a few lil bugs that i got around my plant but weeks went by after i sprayed bug spray and they didnt go away soo i come to conclusion that it is prolly from heat stress stuff cause i havent misted her since start so i have been misting her and the brown spots had already killed the first node and 3 leaves on the 2nd node started to dry out and crumble and 1 leaf on the 3rd but the rest are going great i mean the plant it growing 10 x faster then the browness is spreading i just hope it doesnt speed up and ive been giving my plant some miracle grow tablets things that u drop in 8 cups of water and poor on your plant i have been cutting them in half and doing 4 cups like once every 5 days or so whenever i want to mainly but not every day and the spots were forming before i gave it any ferts so i know its not them actually the spots go away afer i do fert fro like 5 days then i just give some more and seems to work peace hoko
  5. So are you saying mist it or give it ferts????
  6. where abouts on the plant are the spots?........what's the temp of the growroom, and are you misting them?........where about's on the leaves are the spots?...........Peace out.......Sid
  7. man i bet its a combination of the sun and bugs for me i dunno tho i only found one bug around there and they dont eat it ever so if its the sun its ruining the bottom leaves but the sun isnt getting the top leaves which i would think it would cause it shines on them alot more i am confused
  8. Sid i am growing outdoors and i havent misted and am not using ferts and they are on the bottom leaves
  9. think u have the same problem i do then but my brown spots are getting bigger and making my leaves dry out and crack off but only on a few leaves and more leaves are growing in faster and faster then the brown is spreading so its all good but i just got leaves coming out of the stem and node connection like right in the middle is this gonna turn to be buds later or just leaves???
  10. You have your plants root bound and/or they have a K deffeciency. I Had the same problem on my busted grow and put them in bigger pots and gave them some 10/10/10 and they loved it.

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