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    well, the title says it all really. a few weeks ago, it wouldnt stop raining here, and bugs ate all but one of my seedlings, and they're giving my 2 month old plant hell. i put lime on the plant, soil, and a 5 ft area around it yesterday, an old man told me itll stop everything from eating it, bugs, deer, everything. is that true?


    22may (1).JPG
  2. noones answered yet, so i figure ill reply to get it back one the first page. i think there is a name for this, but i dont remember what it is. thanks for replying in advance, if anyone wants to help me out.

    also, how much lime do i use? do i put it on the leaves, or on the ground?
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    I have not heard of using lime to kill insects. . . it is a pH stabilizer made of calcium and magnesium and is not toxic to bugs. Wash it off of your plant and get it off of the soil around there. If you put too much lime in the soil it is going to cause problems. Who was this old man that told you that? Maybe he was trying to mess up your grow?

    If there are a lot of bugs on your plant, you can wash it down with water to knock off a lot of the bugs and then use a pyrethrin based poison spray on it to kill off more of them. Don't use the pyrethrin spray if you have buds growing though, only use it in the veg. stage or early flowering stage.

    It would also be helpful to know what kind of bugs they are. Do you know what they are, or can you describe them or take a picture of them?
  4. I cant describe them, cause ive never seen the bugs, maybe theyre really small? nah, i dont think the old man would mess up my op., he smokes it, and grows it himself. hes REALLY old fashioned, maybe that is an old wives tale? also, would ortho liquid sevin be toxic to cannabis? and as far as plot security, to get at least 4 oz's per plant, how many hours of direct sunlight do they need?

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