Brown spots on the leaves.

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  1. Hi,
    First time grower here, I'm 5 weeks into flowering and suddenly I noticed these spots on the plant leaves and I have no idea what it is. I asked a couple of growers in my State and they said I have a mag deficiency in my plants. Please help me to identify the problem.

    Here's what I fed to this plant last week.

    CalMag 0.5 grams in 2 litters of water ( pH 6-6.4)
    And 0.25 ml fulvic acid.


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  2. I'm kinda new, so just take this as food for thought. Looks to me like classic calcium deficiency, not magnesium. Cal/mag might not be the best solution if you have enough of 1, but not the other. 1 tsp hydrated lime per gallon of water seems to be a solution, should that be your problem. Where on the plant is it most noticable, new growth or older growth?
  3. hey,
    Thanks for your kind reply, it's mostly on the younger/supporting leaves.
  4. You're welcome. I'm here cause I have problems in my grow, so I know how you feel. Been studying up like a banshee. Diagnosis ain't easy. But the first place to start is remember that N,P,K,Calcium and Magnesium are mobile, so they'll show defs on oldest leaves first. I still think that's the classic "rust spot" symptoms, so try some calcium without magnesium. Best of luck guy.
  5. i'll definitely try it. anyways what strains are your growing?
  6. Super skunk seems to do that to me (at the end no of a grow) on the leafs but my stems look much better than yours, just a purple line. When I look at your pictures that dark purple stem is a bad sign. The plant is not getting the right nutrients and appears to locked out. The tips and edges don't appeared fried so it's not nute burn from adding too many nutes but the plant is not uptaking it's calcium or magnesium properly (too much of one, not enough of the other. Many say this is from the water not being the proper PH but I have my doubts as I water all my plants from the same mix bucket so I think it's a strain dependent problem.

    In a effort to help mine I did a small flush by giving it an added gallon of plane oh water. The water going in was ph perfectly and the run off was 4.3 so for some reason my super skunk has different ph requirements.

    Those purple stems were the first sign you had a problem though.
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  7. I have OG Kush, Julius Caesar and Turbo Diesel. The Diesel seems to be the least finicky.

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