Brown spots on leaves

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  1. I'm on day 34 of flower and I have these brown spots on the leaves that have been popping up all over one of my plants. Is it a magnesium deficiency? I gave them a teaspoon of epsom salt in a gallon of water yesterday because I thought that might help. I've been using Fox Farm since I started flower. Should I be worried?

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  2. yeah it is looking like a mag dif. I would say the epsom should help if not botanicares clamag is a good product to use for that as well. but seeing how you gave them some epsom id wait it out a few days and see if the problem gets corrected. Might have to do it a few times before it is but time will tell.
  3. I gave it epsom salt yesterday with my regular water (non-feeding day). In a few days I'll feed it Fox Farm so how long should I wait until I try giving it more epsom salt? Is 1 tsp per gallon enough?

    This is a soil grow by the way.
  4. what pH is the soil/water ?
  5. Looks like rust or mag deff.
  6. yeah a tsp per gal is spot on but you can go ahead and do it again on the next straight water day and after that i would suggest maybe a mini flush.. Good Luck n Grow On!
  7. looks like nute burn are you using pre ferted soil? looks like leaves are dying or decaying
  8. Nute burn is most common to start from the tip of the leaf and work its way back.
  9. might wanna post in the sick plant forum

  10. Yeah it's a mag deficiency for sure. I've done tons of research on it and the spots look just like all the other pictures I've seen and they are curling upward like they are "praying for magnesium" as they say. I'll give them another dose or two of epsom salt and then a small flush like you said. I hope everything will be fine.

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