Brown spots on leaves

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  1. Yeah just some brown spots appearing I've flushed them but they still seem to be getting worse it looks similar to calcium deficiency but I'm growing in coco coir and give them 2ml of cal/mag per gallon of water. And humidity has been a bit high probably mid 60s and they are just starting to flower.

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  2. What else are ya feeding? What’s ur ph?
  3. I'm using general hydroponics micro 2.5ml grow 2.5ml and 1ml bloom per gallon and I think 6.1 last time I checked maybe 6ph
  4. sounds bout right I wouldn’t worry to much unless it start to climb up the tree at a rapid rate. Are you getting run off every feeding?
  5. It does seem to be spreading that's why I'm getting nervous although it might just take a bit to balance out after the flush. And I won't lie I've been a bit lazy for runoff every feeding this time round but I make sure every second feed I get a good runoff could this be the issue I did a similar pattern last time with a different strain and it didn't bother them.
  6. I've been thinking could it be wind burn I see a few pics and it looks similar I have a fan constantly blowing over the lower leaves on the hotter days this summer.

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