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    I would appreciate some help of why my lower leaves have these little brown spots on them, the top leaves dont have much at all. But the top leaves do seem to be a little glossy and look not normal to me.

    I don't know if it is nutrient burn, if I'm overwatering them, heat stress, or if I have too much PH fluctuations. But some of the older tips have been developing brown on them as well, this plant is about three weeks old now.

    I am using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil, with URB and seaweed extract. At first I read the bottle of URB and it said to put 15ml per gallon of water, so I started watering with that amount for the first week, but then I looked up a youtube video and the person said he only adds around 1ml per one quart (4 quarts to a gallon).

    I started using 1-2ml URB and 2-3ml of seaweed extract in a 15oz spray bottle. I usually finish one bottle with the nutrient solution, wait until the soil is dry, then water it with regular bottled drinking water and switch off every time the plant needs to be watered.

    I checked the PH about two weeks ago but haven't checked it in awhile because I assumed the URB and seaweed extract kept the PH down below 7, I also just watered it so I do not want to flush it out until the next watering. The temperature got up to 90 degrees for 1-2 days about a week ago but I have been keeping it around 75-78 normally.

    Can someone give me some insight? At this stage is URB and seaweed extract good enough nutrients?
    Thank you. IMG_4810.jpg IMG_4811.jpg IMG_4812.jpg IMG_4813.jpg
  2. Well if it were me I'd transplant them. They are probably getting root bound issues in them solo cups.

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  3. flush with water. just give them water for now. Young plants don't need much in Nitrogen early on. The soil will have enough nutes in it to feed plant properly for awhile. Transplanting is a good idea.
  4. Sounds good I'll transplant it, thank you. I didn't realize it was time, I thought I had a week or two more.

    Yeah I flushed them with water already.
  5. Does the plant look ok besides that?
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  6. Are these autos or photos ?
    And also happy frog is good enough to get you through a good while before you have to add any ferts.
    If they're auto I'd trans plant asap into its final pot like 2-3 gallon and expect a week or so grow delay , if they are photo I'd put them in a one gal or a bit bigger and let it grow a bit before I put them into a nice leg pot .
    Give only good ph balance water for awhile then start on nutrients at 1/4 strength and build up. Never go by manufacturer recommendation at first feedings

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  7. When transplanting, if you are careful, very gently try to break up/loosen the packed/dense soil when you drop the plant out of it's pot. That may help faster root travel in the newer medium. Just try not to sever any roots.
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  8. They look over watered to me. But I'm a noob so I may be incorrect. Not sure about the spots though..

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  9. Its an auto, and yes i transplanted it right after, the roots didnt look bound they looked normal, how long would you suggest to wait until fertalizing? But yeah i figured that after seeing how black the water was from the urb compared to the video i watched lol, thanks

    I just transplanted it carefully without removing any dirt i was too scared to break them
  10. Thats fine. Actually you don't remove any dirt. I was just saying to "loosen" the mass a little like gently squeezing the dirt/root mass like one would do if one were fondling breasts. But, it's all good. The roots will find their way.
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  11. Ok so I transplanted it and now it is developing a purple hue on the leaves, the strain is called Critical Purple, but I'm not sure if the leaves are supposed to start turning purple when the plant is so small. The leaves are also still yellow/brown at the ends. I looked up some places that said it has a nutrient decency in phosphorus but I wanted to make sure before I start feeding it nutrients and giving it nutrient burn.Any suggestions?
    (By the way, I know that I did not fill the soil up to the top of the pot, it is because I bought soil online and it hasn't come yet, but I will fill it all the way up when it gets here)

    IMG_4828.jpg IMG_4829.jpg IMG_4830.jpg IMG_4831.jpg IMG_4832.jpg
  12. Go off the new growth. Not old growth to determine if leaf(s) look healthy. Let them go for a few days. Just use water. Worst thing to do is start adding bunch of stuff trying to fix something. You did right transplanting them. The added space/soil/nutrients available the plant will find and feed on. Don't over complicate things. Maybe double check the PH (just to make sure it's not like 8 or of the water make sure it's in the zone. Soil will give you a buffer for PH variations. Shoot for 6.3-6.5ish. (6-7). Don't use tap water, unless it has sat for a day or 2 to evap the chlorine out.
  13. The new leaves are growing purple as well, not just the old ones, is it because of the strain do you think? Yeah I know that's why I asked first instead of giving it a bunch of nutrients. Yeah I'll check the PH and no I dont use tap water, I use drinking water that I adjust to around 6.3-6.5. I just bought a PH meter and I think I was making the water too acidic before.
  14. Yeah, I think it's ok. I've had new growth leafs come out purpleish (or a slightly different shade of green, right as they are emerging) and it kinda blends away once the leaf matures (gets bigger). At least I think I've encountered it. Just keep an eye on it.
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