Brown spots on leaves

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  1. Hello,

    I have trying for years to grow but no good results and I'm losing my mind trying to figure out what is going on.

    They are just over 2 weeks old. Started growing abnormly right from the start. The leaves are turning a pale yellow and brown dead spots are forming starting in the center of the leaves. I am reusing fox farms soil from my last attempt. General organics for nutrients but i have not added anything but water so far. 2 plants are auto carmelicious and the other 2 are reg hindu kush. Dont know whats what yet because the seed supplier messed up the labeling. Please note my camera makes them look much greener than they are.

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  2. Also I am using taotronics leds and well water.
  3. I am suspecting phosphorus deficiency but im not sure why. My soil ph will not budge from around 8. Ive read to leave the fox farms soil alone. And then looking at my general organics go box, i dont see phosphorus anywhere. Please help me what is going on? I know nothing...
  4. You have to get the PH down. Flush the shit out of it with PH adjusted water. I'll attach a chart, follow it.

    Ph chart.jpg
  5. Also if the last grows were failures I don't know if using the same dirt would be a good idea.

    Switch to Hydro, I think it's so much simpler and you control everything in the water. More work though
  6. I have tried flushing the previous grow like crazy but the ph always goes right back. I have read that the fox farms soil does not need to be and cannot be adjusted.

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