Brown spots on leaves

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  1. Hi. This is my first grow and i have thes brown spots on my leaves. Not sure if it is nutrient burn or i had my spectrum king sk400 too low. I am using ocean forest soil and fox farm nutes. I only used the nutes a week ago 1 time. I noticed spots on the leaves and quit using. I just transplanted into 7 gallon pot also. Any help would be great. I did raise the light up quite abit.

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  2. Could be a calcium deficiency
  3. The 2 plants i have are a Purple Kush and the other is a Crown Royal from Crop King Seeds. But this is the first time i have ever grown and its really fun so far. So im not really sure what they are supposed to look like. They been in veg for about 4 weeks.
  4. I use about 5ml of cal mag with my ph at 6.2. Is that ok.
  5. ya that should be fine so it shouldn't be a calcium issue?
  6. My light was quite low. But i also heard that i shouldnt use nutes with fox farm soil as well. I only used it once. But maybe the light and the nutes caused it. Idk. Plants seem healthy. Leaves were sort of dry feeling.

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