Brown spots on leaves with purple stems, help?

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    First time grower here, inherited some stuff from my bud. He grew organically with a mixture called super soil. The pictures attached are of a WW. Initially when it was a seedling, I grew it in a mixture of FF light warrior and FF ocean forest.
    When the WW was ready for transplant, which was this past weekend, we put it in the super soil. The brown spots were already forming before then.
    The super soil contains:
    FF Ocean Forest
    Happy Frog
    Light Warrior
    Dolomite Lime
    It is sitting under a 400W HPS. Humidity is at a steady 60% and temp sits around 78-80 F.
    I PH tested my water (which I let sit in a 5 gal bucket for 24 hrs to let chlorine dissipate) and it is testing around 4.7 PH -- though the water district is reporting between 7 and 8 PH in their annual report. I have a feeling my PH strips are crappy.
    2014-01-29 21.12.13.jpg
    2014-01-29 21.12.32.jpg
    2014-01-29 21.13.14.jpg
    Any help would be great! Thank you!

  2. Looks to me like it went without water for a while early on in life. Chop them bitches off and keep growing a healthy plant!
  3. Looks like classic nute burn.
    You buy all the brand name stuff and you could have gotten the same results with miracle grow.
    Its the soil. but the good news is it will grow right out of it.
  4. If it were me, I would cut those off and watch for any new ones forming. I have learned that a pH of 6.5 is the exact pH where the plant will absorb all of the nutes offered. Don't fertilize too soon! The soil itself will carry it for a while. I use FFOF and have very few nute burn issues. Anyway, she'll outgrow it! 
  5. Your temps are to high, see how the leaves are starting to fold slightly, also looks like a small amount of nute burn, i'd water with pH neutral water and try to raise your lights a little or lower the temps with a fan.
  6. Thanks all for the replies. I pruned off the damaged leaves and watered it with PH neutral distilled water.
    I'll update on the progress if it goes south!

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