Brown spots on leaves and drying up on the ends

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by zoomatl, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Ok ...please help me ....i have a stealth hydro bubbleponic setup....i have the (2) 85watt(1red/1blue) cfls that came with it plus i have added another 105 watt of blue spectrum using half the recomended nutient packs to the 6 gallon resevoir (that i filled with distilled water) because my plants are only 3 weeks old....the temp is 78 degrees ...and the humidity is 45% i have them in a 4x4x4 growbox with a oscilating fan blowing on them and (2) 105 cfm fans blowing air out the top and (2) passive air intakes at the bottom that are 4"x9" . Im using white widow seeds from holland and the ph of the water is 6.0 and the water temp is 75 degrees....what am i doing wrong ...i did let the water level drop for a couple of went down about a gallon or 2 ...down to about 4-4.5 gallons from 6 gallons...but i changed out the first half strenght solution and replaced it with fresh water and the other half packets of the nutes....but im still seeing these brown and yellow dry sopt that become brittle...:hello: ...its getting light 24/0 and at first i had the lights within an inch or 2 ...but when i started to see the first spots i raised them to about 10 inches....could the closeness for that fisrt week have caused this problem ...?
  2. I read taht about 10 inches is the closest you can put it, and that 20-25 is the maximum. About a foot and a half should be good. Im a new grower, but i read that it shouldnt be that close. My guess is that, that is your problem.
  3. Nah not that far away. It's a CFL, a fluorescent bulb. 105w you can probly safely put 6 inches away, just put your hand in front of the plant and see if it's too hot. CFL's can burn unlike tubes, my baby just got burned by one last night cuzza my dumb ass:(. The light coulda been the problem, but that's up to you to tell. Does it look like it got burned? Or does it look sick? I don't know much about hydro, but I know it can be touchy when it comes to nutes n stuff. If it doesn't look burnt, it's probly something with the nutes.
  4. IT LOOKS LIKE its the nutes...its very cool in the box....the plants look sick ...when i changed the nutes i gave them like 24 hrs or more of just plain water b4 i put the half strength nutes in about to go check them again...
  5. have you checked the PH?
  6. Are you using the Blue nutes that they sell or the Green (grow) / pink (bloom) nutes?
  7. Im using 1/2 pack of the micro and 1/2 pack of the trying to keep my ph at 5.8.....and where should my ppm be....??? i also have 3 different sized plants in the unit due to late sprouting and other issues...but i started the half nutes when they were 2 inches tall ...but they only have 4 leaves on them this still too soon for nutes ...??:wave:

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