brown spots of doom...!!! dwc HELP..!!!!

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  1. IHave a beautiful baby og #18 and she is about 3 or 4 weeks into veg but i have these nearly perfect rounded brown spots all over my first 3 fingered leaf and I've tried simply changing the water in my Res with very little to no nutes (thought it was nute burn) ...they still poppin up..i tried raising my lights andI've read every google and grass city solution i could find could someone with a little exp at least tell me wats going on and if you can how to solve it....its my first grow and I'm so proud of my baby so plz plz help..!!!



  2. What are the specs for your water?
  3. Ph, nutrients and dosage/gallon,
  4. Your plants are actually just entering the vegetative phase.
  5. Tbh I'm not sure of the Ph (bought a botched Ph tester it said my
    Distilled water was at 7 so that can't be right and I'm using a 1/2 tsp/gal of a dry nute iGot with my dwc kit from a place called caligrowkits i understand off I'm not giving you anything to work with toward helping my issue but that's all iGot
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    If you bought a digital tester they have to be calibrated with ph neutral and calibrated regularly.
  7. Is that the full dose?
  8. Distilled water at 7 sounds about right I think... Have you tried calibrating?
  9. Distilled water is usually slightly acidic. Just below 7.
  10. Its already half of the recommended dose and the man at my local hydro store said it should be level Ph...hmm he must be a noob too lol what water type do you usually use to start/sustain ur girls
  11. I run mine at 6
  12. I dont nute in veg. One or two transplants in happy frog soil and ph water. Then I add 1/4 dose bloom ferts for first 2 weeks of 12/12 and 1/3 dose until two weeks from harvest.
  13. Few strains require a half dose or more. Unless you are using organic or cannabis intended nutes.
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    My bad. I was thinking soil for a second wrong thread. Look into technaflora recipe for success kit. You cant go wrong. Make sure to keep ph between 5.8 and 6.3. My water is also filtered. Not RO.
  15. I would not recommend hydro fo any first time grower.
  16. You kno what it just seemed so much easier when i did my research on soil grows it seemed like it was more willing to get different molds and i do NOT want to deal with spider mites at all
  17. Dont take plants from a source you cant see and there wont be bugs. Keep your space tight and they cant get in.
  18. If you have your plants in optimal conditions there is no issue. Mold and mildew wont grow.
  19. Way too much up keep and im not big on the flavor compared to soil.
  20. Well my roots are about 6 inns long its our to late to transfer it to a soil pot..?
    N of not would you mind giving me some advice on what the best/easiest soil/nutes to use are..?

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