Brown spots late in flowering

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  1. These brown spots started showing up a few days ago. Seem to be getting worse every day.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Its an autoflower and 60 days old is nature just taking its course? or is this something I could have prevented?

    Dinafem Roadrunner Auto

    Today is day 60

    • Hydro or Soil Soil FFOF
    • Type of light? cfl 185 watts total 20/4
    • "Atmosphere" Conditions 65-78 degrees depending on time of day, humidity 20-30%
    • Waterings PH correctedtap water 1-2 times per week
    • PH Range 6.5ish in and out
    • Nutrients/Supplements got a very small dose of fox farms grow big about 40 days ago (almost killed the plant) half dose of BMO flower power 10 days ago.

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  2. your over nuting them by the looks of things dude.
    flush with pH balanced room temperature water for 3-5 days and you will notice a masssive improvment
  3. dont forget to check ph run off levels after flushing you want it around 6.8

  4. Story of my life :eek:

    I may be the only person on earth that consistently only uses half or less doses and fucks up every time. lol
  5. keep at it brother ;)

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