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  1. Hello I am growing indoors I had a thread eailier "Finally some pics but with" I have 4 plants in budding cycle! They have maybe 3 weeks left! They started to get Brown spots in the leaves! Some leaves have been turning yellow since I only have flourecents as My main light! They have been doing great untill MIRICLE GROW BLOOM BOSTER fucked them up I think! I did a little less than it ask for on the box! A little less than a 1/4 of a teaspoon per gallon! I did this probably a almost 2 weeks and now Alot of yellow leaves and now alot of Brown spots! I hope it does not mess up the Nice buds! Also It might be getting a little hot in the closet due to the fact that I have A new job and cant watch them as much anymore! =( PLease people send HELP I dont want to loose my CROP! HELP The pic is about 1 week old and some of the buds look fine but for the others it looks grim

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  3. Give me a closeup of your spots and we will get all your problems worked out. Brown spots can be many things, I need a shot of leaf undersides as well. A whole gareden shot could be useful too...
  4. I did this miricle grow 2 weeks ago and have been flushing them since(just watering thoroughly) I know I need to get the fert. out of the plant to make it taste good ;) just wondering if there is anything else I can do??? I see that miricle grow is a acid as any fert., just wondering if there is anything to neutralize this shit! I need a ph balace tester as well I will go get oone .........Later thanks
  5. All I have is a web cam and it is hard to get a clear pic! the one up top is the best one I have ever got from the cam! I will try to get a friends bad ass Digital camera so I can post more pics!
  6. OK, if I had to guess without seeing, fertilizer isn't the problem. If you have over fertilized the leaf edges will be upturned. The brown spots are necrosis caused by A.Insects: inspect undersides for tiny black/brown/red dots-spidermites B. Mold or similar fungus-sounds like you have shitty ventilation that could lead to this-get back to me-save the weed!
  7. Ok The leaves after I put M. Grow on them they did curl up at the ends! Is this a later stage of over fert.????

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  8. Here is another pic

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  9. Is there a such thing(Bug) that could be eating roots?? Just wondering..nothing suggest this!
  10. CAN ANYONE HELP????????????????
  11. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you-
    Yes, you burned the shit out of your plants. The damage is done and quite severe, but they are still alive and you can still get bud...
    Other problems:
    1. You don't have enough light
    2. We need to work on your ventilation, excessive heat has agrivated the fertilizer burn.
    3. What strain are you growing?
    4. We need to talk about what you are feeding them

  12. Yes I do think that I burned the shit out of them!! I think my ventalation is fine I have 2 little 12" fans circulating the air. This is my first grow and have been giving them generous water since! As for light I have four 4ft full spec. fluoro's 40 watts each and four 2ft fluoros'30 watts each 2 wide spec. and 2 full spec. I have one 150 watt crystal clear and 1 200 watt crystal clear. The crystal clear are very hot and I have only the 150 going since about 3 days ago. And the temp has dropped about 5 degree's My closet temp is at 85 and down at plant level(further away from the crystal clear) is about 79 degrees. I have a nice digital thermometer that has two thermostats one in the modual and one on a 8 ft wire...Nice....Anyways as for food I have not gave them shit! They are growing in organic pre fert. soil. I did not fert. them in the begining because the bag said it had enough food for about 2 months before you would need to fert. again! So other than the Mircal Kill(grow) they have had nothing but water! I hope they can pull through this, they are so close...:(
  13. I use flourescents exclusively for vegitation, I have never budded with them but have used them to suppliment my HID lights. What are these crystal clears? Incandecent bulbs? If so don't bother. As for food I wouldn't fertilize this crop at all at this point. Just don't keep the soil too wet: get down and smell the dirt and see if it smells like ammonia and let me know. What are the dimensions of your space? Sounds like a 250 to 400 watt HID would be a perfect suppliment to your flourescents. You need to get your next crop started elsewhere right away if you haven't. Going from seed to bud in the same space and starting over again wastes too much time. Sounds like you have the air moving in the garden, but are you EXCHANGING the air? This is essential...
  14. Yes I do get to exchange the air in the closet! The door Is a little cracked open all day unless im not here. Crystal clear bulbs are exatly what it sounds like, crystal clear bulbs... I have been told that they are the next best thing to HPS or MH
    They look like little minnature MH bulbs but like 1 /100th of the cost... I know a 400 MH orHPS would be pefect for my grow area but funds are playing a roll at this point, wait till a couple of pay checks start comming in..As for another grow room I dont have the space, I live in a Apartment in America and paranioa is stating to kick in as well, Oh yeah the soil does not smell like amonia, smells just like Dirt!! Gotta go to work now... I will be back on in about 9 hours again later
  15. For less than $100 we can get you way more light. You are using 350 watts of incandecent light which is giving you lots of heat and little benefit for your plants...I use several 150 watt high pressure sodiums in different applications and just one of them would blow the incandecents away...
    Let's also get a louver installed in the bottom of the door and a small equipment type fan in the will be able to leave the door closed all the time and be able to LOCK THE FUCKER!
  16. Man damn near almost evey leaf has fallen out! I ve went ahead and harvested 3 out of the four plants...Due to the fact they quit growing pretty much...The last one is not really growing either but is producing MAD CRYSTALS so I left it alone to continue... The bud is damn good to my suprise :) I have been smoking alot of shit Mexican Shwag lately, and the shit I grew is a 100 times better...Miricle grow burn and all ;) hehe, Anyways gonna wait a little bit befor my next grow. I want to get a Metal Halide.......Later...I will let you all know what the last plant is like...=)
  17. are the leaves that are turning yellow on the bottem of the plant or the whole thing.if it's starting with the older fan leaves on the bottem and gradually getting worse..this is just my opinion...but your in the 4th week of flowering i guess?..when they start to flower your plant will need more ferts with a higher p-k with lower nitrogen..i'm growing hydro now but have grown several soil crops...with great success..usually it's normal for the plant to start yellowing in the mid too later stages of flowering..due too lower most of my plants when they are done flowering most of the big fan leaves have turned yellow and fallen off...damn thing looks dead..but i allways have big fat juicy buds...hope this helps..
  18. Yes I think it was a little of both. My leaves were slowly turning yellow and a friend of mine said that was normal. But I started useing that bloom booster and then I fried them, but yes the buds are pretty big and damn good, I think it started with the nitrogen problem, and then finished them off with the booster. I think that it stressed them a little and they started forming Mad Crystals, so the bud was actually damn good, My friends have tried it and they all say i"ts bad ass shit...Grow more...=)" So in the long run it really didnt harm them just made them look damn ugly...i will post a pic of a bud tonight...Thankyou all for your help! without this site there is no telling what my first grow would have turned out like...hehe Thankyou all ;)
  19. If you wanted to clear up that burn you could have "flushed" (--> run ph balanced, clean room temp water through your pot. Make sure you put about 3 times as much water as the pot size through.) This will clear any nutes still left in the soil. I usurally do this about 2-3 weeks before harvesting to get rid of all the nutes in the plant so I don't end up smoking them.

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