Brown spots???? Can’t seem to fix. Tried everything .

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MKgrows, Dec 30, 2022.

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    We used the fox farm happy frog soil and twice a week feed with the feeding schedule. We use grow bags so they get more air to the roots and sit on stands so they are not sitting in water as well. We have fans and exhaust as well to keep air circulation and two grow led lights(Mars 3000fc). Our plants have grown super fast and just recently started getting these spots…really only two of the plants. One is big bud and the other is white widow. However the other white widow is fine. All the other plants look healthy as well. We have tested the soil to make sure it’s not in lock out. We have flushed well with sledgehammer And try to water by weight. We water enough so it feels heavy and runs out the bottom and when it starts to feel light we water again. I have given extra cal mag as I think that is the issue but we are still getting more spots. And can’t get them to go away. Do you think it is calcium deficiency or something else? How do I fix the spots and make it go away. I’ve tried everything I can think of and don’t know what else to do. Also it’s still in veg and we are waiting for the spots to clear to go into flower.
  2. I can see a little nute burn, maybe back down EC a little.
    A lot of times the brown spots are caused by calcium but the spots are not going to go away on those leaves there.
    If it's only a couple of leaves and it bothers you I would just remove them.
    I wouldn't let it keep me from flipping a lot of growers do get some brown spots if you grow a lot. Also you could have a PH problem check that to make sure you are in the right range for your type of grow.
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  3. How close to the canopy is your light?
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  5. image.jpg image.jpg

    These are the two I’m most worried about. We trim the fan leaves when they get too full and still the spots are coming back. Almost more so now than before.
    Also can you tell me what EC is I can’t for the life of me think what that’s for. As soon as you say it I’m sure it will click
  6. They grow fairly quickly and may have gotten a little light burn but we try and keep them at 16”
  7. EC is the strength of your feeding or sometimes called ppm of your feeding mixture.
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  8. Also a good tool to have is a gage to check the temperature of your leaves to know for sure the leaves are not getting to hot. 77 degree's on the leaves is a good temperature and the tool is cheap.

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  9. Overall a very healthy and happy looking grow; I wouldn't worry overmuch about the spotting, but you may find that certain plants are a bit more sensitive and just have to learn to treat them individually rather than as a monolith.
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  10. You have some light stress going on. Go easy during veg. Once you are in flower you can put the light right to them. Overall looks good.
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  11. I agree, and that tent size I would say flip now instead of waiting, there are going to stretch and even take up more space. Your tent is going to be full nice run
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  12. Just went and purchased one! Thank you.
  13. Thank you!!
  14. Thank you we’re gonna go ahead and flip them now! Just wanted to be sure we didn’t flip while they were deficient and ruin the buds.
  15. Are you feeding them Cal/Mag
  16. Yes been feeding it to them plus a little extra since the spots.

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