brown spots and yellowing leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by heavyhitter20, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. right now I have 2 plants at 3 and half weeks and the bottem leaves on the plant are dieing. The rest of the plant is doing well. They're under 150 watts of cfl. I havent started feeding yet so I no its not nute burn, mabe its heat or im not watering enough? I dunno. Im gettiung a fan today to see if the plants improve with some air circulation.
    Anyone know what the cause could be.

    Im using Organic choice maricle grow, It says it feeds up to three months.
    should I add nutes?
  2. i have basically the same setup right now and my plants r about 3 months in and lookin good. around the same time tho they did the same thing and i found that eventually if u keep em watered enough and in a large enough pot theyll keep growing and u can jus cut off those bottom leaves if they dont fall off first. they sound like they might b a bit underwatered like mine were so mabye give em a good water and see wat happens. good luck bro.

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