brown spots and dry leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bumpx, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Hello all. I would be so grateful for your time and any advice you could give me about my problem.

    Since the day that I started growing my plants I've been waiting for them to keel over and die. However instead I am being forced to watch them suffer slowly and there seems to be little I can do do help them recover.

    The problem started with the bottom and youngest leaves. At this point I didnt notice the brown spots I just obsereved how the bottom leaves turnned colour and dropped off. Now though I am able to see distinctive brown/bronze/copper coloured spots on the older leaves which are also this colour at the very tip. Eventually the whole leaf turns this colour and either falls off or crumbles off with my help.

    They are living in pots in 'natural' conditions.

    Please anyone.... they have come such along way

    p.s if anyone suggests killing them off could you possibly provide me with alternative uses as they have travelled many thousands of miles and I love them

    Take care and be lucky
  2. It sounds like a bad pH level to me. I have that with one of my plants, I am just letting it die, it never was doing good anyways.

    It can also be that it has too much N. I would first check pH though...
  3. Many thanx my friend

    take care and be lucky
  4. I am having the same problem and I have been cutting off just the bad leaves, so by doing that, my first plant is now starting to bud real good. I guess by cutting off the bad leaves as you start to see little spots on them or at the tip of the leaves it saves the plant. Cut the leaves and the whole stem for the bad leaves and see how that goes. What I need help with is when wil I know when my buds are ready. Right now they are just little white furs and about 1/4 inch tall. Then how do I cure them? My 18 year old GreatNephew's Mother's Boyfriend is tell him when the buds are ready to boil them in water. I would think that would hurt the buds. What do you and others think? Stoner Leo
  5. I'd be happy to help if you can provide me with a few details like what the soil is and how often and what you're feeding them.
    Sounds like you have a fungi called Brown Spot Disease. Canabis plants only get this disease when they're underfed or nutrients aren't available because the ph is off, and will clear up once you've corrected the problem. Below Niagara x Shiva

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  6. This can happen with Nitrogen difeciency (maybedue to ph lockout) or even insufficient light. Plants will draw out the Nitrogen from lower leaves to the upper ones so they can be closer to the light.
  7. Check out my link below and look at the plant with brown spots on it,
    Is that wot youre talking about? if so then your ph is too low!
    When your ph level is too low/high it will lock out nutrients from the plant!
    So even if the food is in the soil, it wont be able to use it!
    Just raise the ph level and u should be alright!
    Good luck!
  8. the problem is inside the plant so by cutting off leaves your only making new ones get eaten up. you need to address it at the source very alkaline ph i found caused this for me so i added peat to my mix on top to lower it and used 6% sulfur fert

    go get some rose ferts i think there the ones with sulfur in em thats what you want to lower ph

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