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Brown specks on plant (many pics)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by WhatUserName, Aug 2, 2010.

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    These black dots (very tiny) have been appearing on my plant and are moving from the bottom up - very quickly. Flowering has just began and I need to take care of this before the buds really start to grow.

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Pics: (you need to view full size to see the specks)
    1 - The main stem where you can see the specks concentrate around the bends of the stem
    2 - A dead fan leaf (dead from nute burn, not this problem) that i pulled to show the specks. Look at the brown specks on the stem.

    These specks are very hard to scrape off and do not wash off.

    I can't find anything about these things by searching, so does anyone have any clue what these are?

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  2. No one can even tell me if i have a problem or not? Come on i really need help here.
  3. it look nomal to me if it does not get worse then don,t worry
  4. Thanks for the reply, I can't really tell if it's something thats spreading, but i'm pretty sure it has been. I'm going to look at it under a magnifying glass tomorrow and maybe apply some 0.5% bleach solution to affected areas. I will also be buying neem oil as soon as I can and maybe some diatomacious earth.

  5. bleach is not a good ideal
    are the spots brown purple or red
    if they are purple it maybe the start of p def
    if they are red it maybe the start of n def
    if they are brown then i,m not sure
    but you plant looks good so if it does not get worse the leafs look ok
    then you should be fine
  6. Yea, the leaves are fine - its the stems that have the brown/black specks. I've looked thru all of those guides for deficiencies and diseases and pests - but I cant find anything about these specks on stems.

    I'm pretty sure its not an insect, because they dont move and can't be washed off... unless its burrowing in to the stem... idk - could possibly be aphids, but for some reason they aren't eating the leaves? Could be a fungus or something but idk why it would be specks.

    Idk, maybe its part of the plant... but I haven't seen it happen to any other plant online.

    No idea here, just brainstorming

    I'm gonna do a little testing tomorrow with a magnifying glass to get a closer look.
  7. looks fine. your stems may be starting to darken and change color. all of my plants so far have done so and they've turned out fine
  8. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER use bleach on your plants or near the soil. Use it to clean grow rooms and equipment but on a plant boom, your plant will die.
  9. Thats good to hear, thanks. I'm still gonna check these out tomorow, but now I can be more assured that it is part of the plant.

    Ok, so no bleach, I won't do it. I'm just gonna get some neem oil later this week to try out.

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