Brown Recluses

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  1. I'm seriously getting pissed the fuck off. About 2 months ago a couple brown recluses decided they were gonna come into my apartment and have a million little brown recluse baby's. Now if you don't know what brown recluses are go look them up on Google. So now all their baby's are grown up and fucking running around my apartment and I seriously have no idea what the fuck to do. I've bug bombed my apartment twice and they still live and decide to have more fucking baby's. I'm honestly scared one is gonna bite me, trust me you don't want to get bitten by these things.. its nasty what they can do to you. Any one had a similar experience? How did you get rid of them?

    TLDR: Brown recluses infested apartment, bug bombed twice they still here, scared im gonna get bitten, how the fuck do you make these things go away?
  2. holy shit dude brown recluses the only way to victory is to suit up and venture capture and kill each enemy one by one.
    Most of the time I save bugs like a nice thing to do you know shoo shoo bug go on your way kinda but I leaned down with a napkin to pick up a bug the other day and soon as my fingers clasped inwards the little guy bit me so I stomped him passionately
  3. exteminator?
  4. HOLY SHIT I JUST GOOGLED IT. fuck the exteminator

  5. Yeah I'd call an exterminator ASAP, fuck Brown Recluses they make your skin dissolve...
  6. Nuke the place....

    I thought my roach problem was bad.. If i saw one of those bastards id calmly pack my shit and leave without looking back. Id send someone for my things and pay them 100 to hand wash everything
  7. Man I got fucked up by a brown recluse. I got bit on my leg and could'nt walk like 4 hours later and the next day my leg was twice the size and had this hole starting to form and bleed out puss and turned purple and shit. I had no Idea what the hell was going on so I tried to stay off it for a couple days. Big mistake I about lost my fucking leg and died. They said the infection in my blood could have killed me. I was in the hospital for two weeks and it took about 2 months for my leg to fully recover. It hurt all the way up in my groin, some of the worst pain I felt in my life. Definatley get an exterminator if you are positive it's a recluse and goodluck.
  8. Id suggest telling the landlord....
  9. Tell your landlord immediately. I would even be sure to let the know that it they didnt get the issues resolved pronto I would be contacting the local health agency.I have no fear of spiders but brown recluses arent to be fucked with in the least.
  10. AND DO NOT SMOKE WEED MAN, especially dank

    that smoke is gonna get to where their at, their gonna get high as fuck, and then have the munchies like a motherfucker and wanna feast on ya

    lol but really...

  11. Too funny man :D

  12. lol munchies.

    But yeah, i'd tell your landlord, and as a last resort go look for some crazy ass potent spider spray and go Rambo on those spiders

  13. This.

    My house is becoming infested with them too. Killed two in my bathroom, and found a baby one IN MY SOCK DRAWER. Been bit once by them and don't intend on it again. The damage it left behind isn't nearly as bad as I've seen some peoples. I only got a very small amount of muscle eaten away on my forearm. I know a guy who lost 25% of his calf muscle to the same thing.
  14. holy fuck i would not be in that apartment if i were you. i wouldve moved out after seeing the first one i hate spiders
  15. i would not be able to live there. pack your shit and move before they all attack you while your sleeping.
  16. i would have dipped the fuk out a long time ago
  17. No way I could sleep there. Can you imagine getting bit on the neck or face by one of those bastards.
  18. i go sleep on the couch if i see a tiny ass spider in my room.

    i'd be staying at my moms house for good if i saw a fucking brown recluse
  19. get a shotgun or sniper and blow them all to shit

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