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Brown Powder Heroin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GlitterPaws, May 14, 2009.

  1. Just had a friend stop by. He recently picked up some heroin from some dealer (who I don't associate with). He said it is Brown Powder heroin. I've never heard of this or seen it before, but it looks legit and he said he has tried some before. Anyone know anything on this?

    Thanks in advance! ;)

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  2. It kind of looks like coffee. I was under the impression that raw was more of a tan color, but then again I've never seen it in person.

  3. Haha, agreed. Doesn't smell like coffee though, has a weird vinegary smell.
  4. Taste like coffee?
  5. Haven't tasted it... should I?

    Is it a waste and would it have any effects?
  6. I don't know a lot about heroin. But it looks like some dried tar that was chopped?
  7. looks like Nesquik Chocolate powder
  8. It's heroin then. The vinegar smell is from the acetic acid they use to acetylate the 3 and 6 positions of the calcium morphinate base, converting the product to Heroin.
  9. Raw heroin
  10. yeah. what he said
  11. should be feelin nice with that bro
  12. Tap your finger on your tongue.

    Tap the finger on the corner of the pile.

    Put the small sample on your tongue. If it tastes like coffee or like something good...then it's not brown.
  13. Heres a suggestion, make a line, and snort it. You'll know what it is real quick.
  14. lol good suggetion
  15. It has a bitter taste, but not like coffee bitter. Like a bitter vitamin... let's just say I wouldn't sprinkle this on my pancakes to flavor them. ;)

    I'm almost 100% that it is heroin. I've known my friend for about 10 years and he's never lied to me about stuff like this. How should I go about consuming this? Insuffalate? :confused:
  16. IV dude. It's the healthiest, and most powerful.
  17. Shoot that shit up man
  18. Or snort if you don't like needles.
  19. I was going to say snort it as well. I mean come on, if he's never done heroin, and yall gonna recommend a needle for the first time? hahhh.
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