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  1. I have 3 females in my greenhouse. There are a lot of white pistels on each plant ( around 1 cm long ). Some of the pistels are starting to turn brown, whats happening???

    please help!!

  2. Woody,
    They dont look nearly ready! There are no flowers just thin pistels coming from where the side shoots leave the main stem.

  3. I was just about to post a thread similar to this one. If you have any sage advice, Ndica, (or anyone for that matter), I would sure appreciate it.

    I will try to explain in more detail from my perspective:

    I have one plant in a specially made grow box with more than adequate ventilation. I started flowering cycle roughly the third week of June. The plant is not of any special "variety", just from a seed I got outta one of my bags. This plant is the sole survivor of about 6 planted (details are in an earlier thread). It is about 2 1/2 feet tall and kinda bushy. I have had it under 3 4-foot flourescents (of which I only count 2 of them as one was an "energy-saver" and only puts out a dull grey light. and one of the bulb connections on one of the others has decided it's gonna stop working. (It's not the bulb, I checked).)

    I plan on getting an HPS as soon as I can afford it, which may be in about 2 weeks or so.

    But back to my problem/question: This plant has the white female hairs on it on most all of the nodes and tips. They seem to be continuing to pop up in more and more places. I just recently (also written about in a different thread) put the lights on an actual timer on 12/12 about 4 days ago now. The plant doesn't seem to be growing "buds" tho' (it may be too early, but I am definitely no expert on this). When I looked it over tonite I noticed some of the hairs are starting to turn brown, but like I said there are no real "buds" to speak of that I can tell. It has been in flowering mode for about a month now and I am using filtered water left open for 2 or more days to get rid of chlorine. I am also using miracle grow "soil sticks" made for "flowering plants' in combo with tomato ferts (10-12-12 I think).

    I will post some pictures as soon as I can get my camera power supply back (at my grandmother-in-law's house) to help out, but until then: am I doing something "wrong" or just deciding too early or something?

    Again, any help would be appreciated.


  4. My plants are 4ft high and around 6 months old. It does get completely dark where i live but at the moment only about 5 hours a night, though the nights are getting longer.

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  5. sorry the pic was a bit shite!


  6. I think I may have a slight problem with both of those issues. Will work on them and see what develops. Thanx!

  7. It's about 3 weeks since my original post. The pistels are still turning brown on 2 out of 3 of my plants. The plants are healthy and still growing well. I hope your right Woody, it would be a shame to go thru all this shit and end up with a crap smoke. Here's hoping!


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