Brown/orange spots on sugar leaves?

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  1. Hi guys, I have brown spots on my sugar leaves and on some fan leaves, any idea what it could be please?
    More info;

    Problem: brown/orange spots appearing on leaves

    Medium/grow method: biobizz light mix 15L with 2L of perlite.
    Low stress training.

    Feed: and supplements used: biobizz grow, bloom and some cal mag occasionally. Plain Ph'd water now because of the spots.

    water source: tap, left in a bucket for 20-24 hours to dechlorinate

    Strain/age: dark devil, she flowered early from what I can tell, she's 49 days from sprout roughly

    light used: mars hydro 600w (237 actual watts)

    Climate: day is 23-26c 55-65rh
    Night is 20-22c 65-70rh

    I flushed her today with 10L of water. IMG_20190524_021247249.jpg IMG_20190524_021241880.jpg
  2. Ca deficiency, rust
  3. Was thinking that but I've been dealing with n tox this whole grow with this strain. My cal mag that I have is 1.8-0-0 so its pure nitrogen really? How else could I add cal but not add nitrogen?
  4. I was thinking the same. The leaves are super green, I was thinking that the nitrogen is high as well.

    Take it to the sink and run tap water or Poland Spring or distilled water in it. You will probably see the runoff water is brown. Keep the drain closed to observe, then drain it. Keep doing this until you see the runoff is clear. That helps to clear your soil of the excess. For the calcium, I use CAMG+ General Organics. 1/4 teaspoon is what I usually use normally but for a situation regarding flowers, you might want to consult on the max. safe dosage to quickly fix the issue.
  5. I noticed that right away. Do you use any nutrient? I wouldn't for the remainder of this grow. The CAMG+ I use is 1-0-0 calcium magnesium supplement. Total Nitrogen 1.0% (1.0% nitrate nitrogen)
    Calcium (Ca) 5% and Magnesium 1.0% water soluble magnesium (Mg) Derived from Caclium Carbonate and Magnesium Nitrate
  6. Currently I'm just giving plain Ph'd water
  7. I'll have a look into that, thanks

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