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Brown on my bud help!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hazeydays, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. I posted this in apprentice too but i'm hoping some of you might have a better idea.

    any idea what this is?




    any idea what that brown patch is?
  2. I get patches of off colors too in my buds...No biggie IMO
  3. hmmm, this is like really really off color though, the fresh bud is jack herer haha
  4. if you live in the states in your dealer told you he's selling you jack herer, he's lying. i've seen brown like that sometimes on my bud, though. i've smoked it and been fine but no idea what it really is
  5. Looks like old lettuce
  6. whys that? i've seen, and heard of tons of jack herer going around everywhere



  7. You can definatly get jack herer in the states dude.....

    Edit: Ive had color spots on my bud like that before to, always smoked it and have never gotten sick or anything.
  8. #8 MidwestKind, Aug 18, 2008
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    EDIT: You do know the man Jack Herer lives in the States right?

  9. sure thing, man..... none of us have ever smoked jack before man. fuck the states, dude. fuck em. no jack having motherfuckers. statesmen. staters.

    fuck the colonies, man.

    on a more serious note, though, i'm pretty sure i see legit pics of jack herrer sitting in peoples homes here all the time. theres threads of people who grow the stuff...

    ive smoked it twice this summer. my brother gets the stuff in allston, MA ALL THE TIME!

    you, sir, are crazy
  10. that shit is MOLD!!!!

    caused by imporperly cured or dried buds
  11. anyone else think its mold?

    seems like everyone just thinks its a dry patch and should smoke fine
  12. doesnt look like anything i wouldnt smoke
  13. Looks like something that occured in the growing process.
  14. #14 UCFStudent, Aug 18, 2008
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    yeah i've gotten real herrer in the states too...
    and yeah, it looks like its only that one spot, if the entire bag was brown like that itd be a problem, but looks like just some akward patch that lost some pigment while growing or possibly even after harvest, dont worry, smoke in peace =)

    noooo, mold would not be brown, i've had mold grow on my weed and its the same looking mold you get on cheese, its little wispy white/blue/green hairs, and unfortunately hard to spot unless your looking for it since it somewhat blends in with the weed.. but it looks like a little mesh/woven spiderweb ontop of the weed. my friend tried to rip people off by putting orange peels in his bag for a day before sellign it, and i guess it got too wet becasue when i went over to smoke with him, alot of it was covered in this mold and it was horrid to smoke, i opted not too.. he did and became very sick for the next couple of days
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    Where on gods green earth to people get their information??
    The U.S. Government or something?
  16. well guys....I smoked it....and got fucked so it hasn't lost much potency whatever did it haha
  17. im not speculating that its mold, im telling you that its mold.

    Mold grows in many different forms and happens when there is moisture that isnt dried or cured properly. Doesnt necessarily have to look like cheese or bread mold as a previous post had mentioned
  18. Its not mold.
    Looks to me, from a growers opinion, that the weed has just been grown poorly. Probably fed the plant ferts too close to harvest and burnt it. Or harvested a little late.
    Either way your fine too smoke it(which i see you did.)
  19. Hes Right! I cant believe were the only two people in the "seasoned tokers" forum that can identify mold...It is positively 100% mold, Botritys Cinera....grey mold, I have seen it dozens of times. I lost about a QP of crop last year due to that shit. You can smoke it, it wont kill you, may give you a headache though.

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