Brown marks on bud leafs ???

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    Grown in organic biobizz all mix soil
    ph 6.8
    Temp 26c
    Humidity 35%
    week 7 of 9 weeks (short cycle auto)
    Queen Royal dwarf auto fem
    Under 18/6 300w dual cfl
    Fed with 1/2 strength bloom & boost for last 2 weeks, lighter mix before.
    Just flushed yesterday as I will crop in about 2 weeks, alot of cloudy trichs.

    Checked on her this morning and in less than 16hrs these brown marks have appeared on some of the bud leaves? the leaves also seem lighter green in colour.
    Any ideas blades? should i be worried?




  2. Any one??
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    This close, I wouldn't stress about any deficiencies showing up, but have you been checking your colas as they've gotten denser? I know your RH is 35%, mine's relatively low too, but I'd make sure to look for Botrytis symptoms. If nothing shows up there, I wouldn't worry.

    **Someone I know didn't check close to harvest, despite their RH being at 40% and decent ventilation. They lost over half of their crop**

  4. Yea all colas have been fattening up nicely, thanks man I'll just leave it and hope its part of the normal process.

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