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    I have brown leaves on my weed plants. At first I thought it was a heat issue, because the plants are in my closet with no ventilation. I checked the light, it wasn't hot, not too close to the plants either. I haven't done anything to the plants except move 2 into better soil just recently. The smallest plant however I'm pretty sure is almost dead. I dropped this one when I was transplanting it :(. I know I need bigger pots, but I'm about to move them into the ground. Please help me out.

    It wont let me post the pics again, so just check out my grow op.
  2. That link is broken and w/o seeing pictures it is impossible to say what is wrong. Even with pictures it is difficult because some deficiencies look similar. I recommend you google marijuana plant abuse and compare whats going on with pictures and symptoms you have.

    Good luck and have a great day.
  3. Try again man.

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