Brown leaves

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  1. Growing indoors. New clone.
    Using CFL and red/blue led
    Used plain potting mix, I know not the best idea.

    Leaves are shrivelled and turning brown.

    Any suggestions?

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  2. Pic of whole thing

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  3. Looks like nitrogen toxicity to me.

  4. Plain potting mix meaning there aren't any nutes in NPK number?
  5. No, just old garden/potting soil from last years veggie garden.
  6. How do you fix nitrogen toxicity?
  7. Does cedar mulch remove nitrogen from soil? Dont go buying it asap, as it may remove more than just nitrogen, this is what ive read. Otherwise you could grab like some weak organic seedling mix, and mix it with perlite for the transplant. Then dont feed it anything but phed water.

    Lets see some other replies

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  8. Well if you're feeding nutes look at the bottle at the NPK ratios. Whichever one has more nitrogen, hold off on that. It looks like its been very overfed it's whole life.

    If you're not feeding, it means your soil is probably too hot for the plant. I would get some soil that's known to be good for cannabis, like Happy Frog or Roots the meantime you could try flushing the soil to get rid of some of the nitrogen but I'm not sure how effective that would be. Flushing means running a lot of water through the soil fast and letting it drain off. It'll "clean" the soil of nutrients.

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  9. That's interesting, can you send a link to somewhere that explains this? Would you just topdress the soil with it or something?

  10. Sadly i leave to work but i would like to learn more.. If top dressing an established plant is ok, as roots run deep. Wonder if i could mulch in flower.

    How to stop mulch from stealing nitrogen from your plants

    When mixed in the soil it, plant would quickly lack nitrogen (i wonder if transplant into fresh mulch would work)

    The bacteria that use and produce nitrogen, divert their attention to the wood, away from soil plant roots, but over time as the wood decomposes, nitrogen is released back in the soil.

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  11. When you flush it it will wilt on you for a while due to the soil is going to be drenched. You can help provide oxygen to the roots by taken something thin and poking a few holes in the soil around in the soil. Try not to disturb the roots to much by poking too many holes.

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