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brown hairs after only 1 month flowering

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by GawZ, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. i've been growing a white widow, big bud, and a nice bag seed since 4/15/07. i started the flowering cycle on 5/8/07. they showed sex on 5/16/07 and are all female. they've been growing great and my only concern is that the hairs on the white widow are starting to turn brown already and it's only been around 1 month of flowering. is this ok? they still should flower for at least another month, right? i've read that the brown hairs mean maturity and that they need to be prepped for harvest but it just seems too soon, even though the buds are pretty huge. what do i do? i have a picture attached.

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  2. You harvest based on trichromes, not hairs. The current hairs may brown, but this soon into flowering new ones will sprout :)
  3. ok thanks for clarifying this for me. i'll need to go and pick up a magnifier so i can check out the trichromes then. thanks!
  4. ur ww should go atleast 8 weeks which is 56 days....ur hairs are turnin brown but u are only half way there, sorry.... my hairs started turnin brown alittle after a month...

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