Brown goop after nutrient change

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    One day after changing hydroponic nutrients to RAW all-in-one Grow, the roots started collecting globs of brown bits. It's not slimey and it seems like it's just clumped up nutrients (maybe from the molasses?) [​IMG] but I'm worried it will suffocate the roots. There's also a slight foam that's formed in the DWC solution. The EC/PPM has remained about the same. Does anyone know what causes this and if it will clear up?[​IMG]

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  2. Looks like root rot

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  3. It looks that way, but they smell fine and the brown washed off fairly easily in a water dunk (except for some left near the top).[​IMG]

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  4. I'd say check on them tomorrow and see if anything has set in. I remember seeing something similar to that, flushing and going down day after to a room stinking of rot, that being said I did add bennies late on that grow so they probably fed the bad shit already in there

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