Brown edges, Yellowing, Dying leaves...HELP (PICS)

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  1. Ok well I have one hindu kush growing in miracle grow organic

    ( i know, i know but my friend has used it 6 times with no problems)

    with 4 26watt CFL's and 1 42watt CFL.

    It sprouted January 20th (5 weeks ago)

    Then the pot broke and I had to emergency transplant and the roots and everything were out of the soil at 1 week old. Then it basically did not grow for a good 4 weeks. All the leaves except the first 2 were grown in the last week or so.

    I have been watering with tap water. And I gave it some 24-8-16 (i think) about a week ago at 1/4 recommended. And A drop of superthrive with every third watering or so.

    the edges turning brown and the dying leaves all happened within the last week an a half.

    I'm really high so i could have forgot something but...

    i guess thats it. what do you think could be wrong?

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  2. its prolly when you had to transplant went into shock there for a lil bit and its still tryin to recover. or you dont have enough drainage. but thats my thought i had a plant do that
  3. I'd disagree.

    All those brown edges indicate a nutrient problem. You should flush that plant with a lot of water, 3-4x the size of the pot. 1 gallon pot, use 3 gallons water.

    When you're flushing, save some of the water and test it's ph.

    When you water in the future, adjust so your runoff is roughly 6.4-6.7 for soil.

    Also, you're not just putting a drop of superthrive directly on the plant or soil are you? That needs to be mixed in w/ the water.
  4. nope. i put a drop in a gallon of water (or so)
  5. My favorite diagnosis; fert burn.
    If your friend jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge would you?
    He must have a strain that is less sensitive to nutes than the one you have. Flush like someone else said.
  6. I'm not sure if our plants are suffering from the same thing but I've got a little brown coming up on the edges of one of mine as well. (Pics are in the grow journal link in my sig)

    Only thing is I haven't given my plants any nutes at all yet.

    The other plant of mine has some orange tinges going on, but I think that was from the rockwool drying out a bit.

    Point being, I'm a complete beginner so I have no idea what I'm talking about, but the brown leaf thing is something we both have (looks somewhat similar) and I haven't started nutes yet.
  7. Im having some issues very similar. I have 5 clones and recieved them all very healthy looking, and now after adding nutes they are turning yellow in various areas and some of the leaves' tips are now curling upward and blackening. I reacted quickly after I noticed and moved the plants further from the 600w hps and flushed the water. I even added a fan to make sure it stayed cool, and added epsom salt for Mg.

    Any other suggestions, I really want to save these guys they were looking great. :confused:

    Also I cut back the watering and changed from 24 hr lighting to 20 hr.
  8. im having the same problem, but i added nutrients, i just have them in my propagation kit, thanks u guys helped me out when i stumbled upon it thanks very much! :) oh yea how do i flush a rockwool cube???

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