Brown edges on leaves?

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  1. I have lately been growing a femanized northern lights I think the light was either too close seeing as I only used nutes a few times, second opinion?:eek: I'm not sure how to post pictures on here but thanks for all the advice over the years and I think I'm going to use 2 fl lights for my new configuration thanks guys if you want a pic I can send you one or something idk :)
  2. Here's a pic -> [​IMG]
  3. I'm going to get some new lights hopefully get my 2 big buds started they're germinating right now apologies for the pic not easy taking one with this thanks for the replies and all the advice over the years really appreciate it mon Ami(e)s
  4. looks like our light is way too close to your plant.
  5. [​IMG] here's a picture of my lay out now added two big buds but ill back the light off the northern lights I do believe it 'twas the nutes but thanks for your advice it's much appreciated it stranger
  6. This was my northern lights, weirdly it grew spikey leaves in place of the 2 circular ones that died, even the spikey leave with nute burn, revived itself

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  7. My big bud is doing well too! Plus I just planted a 1024 medical, C:

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  8. Lookin good! Make sure you're not overwatering them I made that mistake when I first started and I thought it was nut burn
  9. No offence man but had you posted in the beginner section you would have been picked up on it and helped, cats be talking bout the big old rusty nails you have driven through the soil, and them two premature feeds youv gave your 4 day old plant, its there for you brother use it
  10. Better response in the beginners section, where you may learn about seedling mix, why you may wanna install a pc fan, even nute burn

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