brown dots on lower fan leaves please help

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  1. hello everyone

    i have 4 galaxy plants,,one is in a dwc bucket and isint showing this problem at all,,there all growing really well and 3 weeks into flower,,i have another galaxy else where and was having problems with hard water coming from the septic tank in the loft so i had a really close look at the plants every time i was up there with them and noticed that these spots were developing on the galaxy as well as the discoloration from the hard water problem,,so i said to my self i better check my other plants and i was shocked to find these spots,, as i say there is a plant in a bubble bucket and im using the same water for that as the feed water for the soil plants so i dont think the problem is with the water because the hydro one is perfect,,possibly soil problems then
    has anyone seen this before,,my bible tells me its a potassium problem but im not sure, what do u think??

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    this is the underside of the leaf,the pock marks are directly below the brown makes on the front of the leaf
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  2. the start of cal-mag def or over fert
  3. thanks for the reply

    is there a way to find out which one it is??,,,also is there a way to put more calcium and mag in to the soil to see if things change and see if thats the problem
  4. You can use epsom salts for mag, it is cheap. Ask for it at the chemist. It's used as a laxative :eek:

    If u regularly indulge in omlettes, quiches or just good old fried eggs you can keep the shells, bake them in the oven at 150 celcius for 30 mins to burn off the membrane then pestle and mortar to a fine powder. Add the shell powder to your water a day or two in advance to let some calcium leach into the water. Be careful tho as the eggshells will raise the PH so make sure to check it before feeeding.

    Alternatively (if you're not a skinflint like me) you can probably go to a garden centre or grow shop of some kind and ask for calmag.
  5. thanks man,im frying eggs as we speak cheers
  6. do you know the ph of the soil if its a cal-mag then the ph is off most likely its low
    check the runoff and if it low then add some dolomite lime on top of the soil and water it in
  7. how can i test the run off? do i test the ph of the water before i put it in and then when it comes out of the end of the pot???
  8. put enough water in the pot so some runs out the bottom test that it,s the runoff
    that will let you know the ph of the soil
  9. ill give it a go on the next watering thanks mate

    i done the egg shell thing today i hope it makes a differance
  10. its got worse now,it is on the higher up fan leaves too,someone said it could be a problem with splashing nutes up on the leaves but it cant be because it has gotten so uch worse and is right near the top of the plant any ideas

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  11. Did you check the runoff PH like Inkman said? What was the PH of water before feeding and what was the runoff PH? Also, what's your soil made up of?
  12. your ph is low that is a cal-mag def
    egg shells take a while to break down you should use powder lime
    but check the runoff before you add any thing else
  13. im waiting for the next watering to check the run off

    i did check the run off of my train wreck today tho its in a smaller pot and needs watering more and it was 6.10 the water going in was ph dowed to 5.80 exactly,,i will check it tomorrow on the galaxy,,

    also got some epsom salts today so i have it ready if needs be,,thanks very much for the help
  14. checked the run off today ph of water going in was 5.8 and the run off was 5.2 does that suggest that the ph is even lower in the soil or is the soil have a ph of 5.2

    i also got some cal mag well its actually called calmax made by grotec,,hope it works

    thanks for the help
  15. no that means that the soil ph is right around 5.2 WAY TO LOW for soil, make the water like 7.4 to bring it up to the 6 .5 range, or if you dont have any ph up then you can use the lime

    you water being that low to start is going to give you problems through out the grow. i would definatly get some ph up and down, and adjust the water to the 6.3-6.8 range.

  16. i have only used normal tap water for the whole grow right up until saturday gone when i got the cal max,,,i flushed with the ph downed water to 5.8 for the first time that day and fed the calmax with it too

    i was using ph 7 tapwater for every water and feed until saturday,,i have ph up and down but wasnt adjusting the water because it was a high 7,,and this calmag problem happened,,,so my soil has a low ph for sure!! how will i make the soil ph go up i can hardly add water that has a higher ph than my tap water of 7 can i??
  17. double posted sorry

  18. just some questions so i got you right.

    your tap is 7 and when you add nutes whats the ph?
    if your Ph is low and and you phed your water for the flush to 5.8 that was a bitt drastic, im just not sure im understanding you completely.

    if your run off after the flush was 5.8 that means that the flush water was too low.

    you can add higher then 7.0 phed water to it, but no i wouldnt.

    what i would do if your going to continue using tap water is..

    1. let it sit out over night or nights, and check the PH then just to make sure.
    2. when feeding you need to check the ph before giving it to the plants, and adjust accordingly. chances are that with the nutes its going up or down, depends on the ferts.
    3. to bring the PH of the soil up to normal you can use higher phed water but dont go crazy stay at 7.0 and check the run off the be sure its working.
    4. when you get the info that i have described write it down so you can take some of the guess work out of it.

    ie. write down the ph of the water after you let it sit out. also write down the ph of the water with nutes. then if the nuterient water needs ph adjusting write down how many drops of Ph up/down you used to get it to the right ph range, that goes for the normal water too if it needs adjusting.

  19. tap water was 7.0 today after sitting in a bucket for 48 hours,then it dropped to 6.5 when the nutes went in,so i fed with that ph rather than bringing it to the usual 6.4,im gonna grow with coco the next grow because i read that its more stable and has ph buffers in it

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