Brown Curled Up Leaves (Need Help)

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  1. Hi,
    I've been growing outdoor this Barney's Farm LSD (Mazar X Skunk). This is my first official grow, I've done quite a bit of research, but the lady does not look happy in any stretch of the imagination. The burns appeared 2 days ago and it's been worsening since. Also new leaves are curled up and seem a little bit burnt too.
    First thing that comes to my mind is nute burn (#1 newbie error), so yeah what are your opinion/solutions guys :)
    This is my only grow, can't fook up haha !
    Peace be with you


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    brown, curled up leaves = TOO MUCH fertilizer. scale back on dose and frequency and it should clear up. 
    The pictures wont expand for me, but brown holes also could indicate burns from light. If thats the case move the lights an inch or two away.
  3. Peace,
    Well yeah idk what's going on with the pictures :p and it's grown outdoors so can't really back off that damn light haha ! 
    That said, i'll drop the nutes for a while, thanks weezy6769
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    Good News is your plants are in the problem is contained
    Nute Burn: Flush 3 times the volume of the pot, with air temperate ph neutral water, allow to recover in dim light, 1 day,
    if no visible improvement in 2 days repeat, please check the holes in your pot, I suspect them to be to small, regardless of my recommendation Mj don't like wet soaking feet.
    See flushing along with spraying for bugs as a regular job done, regardless 1x time per month

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