Brown curl on seedling leaves?

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  1. I am thinking, hoping, this is from heat stress.....

    soil: 70% coco coir that is meant for plants and soaked rinsed 5 times to get rid of any salt
    15% outdoor garden soil (a heavy soil to add weight)
    5-10% perlite like substance
    5 % low npk organic pellet fertilizer and some worm poop.

    pots: forget actual gallons but are around 1-2 gallons each.

    lighting: 1x 72 watt cfl 3" away 2x 23watt cfl 3" away 2x 24" tubes 6" away. i am thinking its the large cfl that caused heat stress on them as it was very close (i have since switched it for a 42 watt for the time being.

    they have been on a 24 hour light cycle for 5 days or so now, i will be switching to 18/6 with them off during the hot part of the day to try and cool it down. there is a fan on all the time.

    ph: 6.9-7.1 using strips and awuarium test kits

    watering, every day as needed. i just keep them slightly moist at all times, the surface dries a bit between watering.

    no fertilizers yet.

    temps are in teh 30's all teh time unfortunately, but there is nto much i can do to change this. i am thinking this is liekly the problem, but need confirmation.

    here are some pics, any help would be AWESOME!!

    seedling 1

    seedling 2...this one looks like burned leaves...makes sense as i just put it under the big 75 watt light last night, it was fine before that.

    the setup rght now. only the lights on the right side are on, the left are off and the tubes at teh back are on, as is the fan. the bigger light on the left is what was on the rght side above the plants...i just switched it cause i thought it may be the cause.
  2. heat stress

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