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  1. I have a bc bigbud and an afghani plant and both are about a foottall in 2 gallon buckets. For the past month or so the leaves have been turning brownish and black from the edges and now spots as well all over the leaves and curling upwards. Its slowly killing my plants its worked its way up from the oldest fanleafs and now its 2 sets from the top of the plant. There is 4 fan leafs left on them that are kind of healthy but are now getting affected by this disease.

    I tried flushing the plant than waiting a few days and that didnt help than I tried giving it nutrients but still nothing. Nothing seems to stop the leaves from getting crispy and brown. Ive been trying for the past 3 or 4 weeks to stop this but nothing works.

    Ive also been to every sick plant guide that I could find on the net and still cant really find the exact deficiency or whatever it is. The deficiency that looks the most like it is magnesium but some sites definition of a magnesium deficiency looks totally different from another. Another site has a potassium deficiency that looks kind of like it.

    If you want to know what it sort of looks like go to google and type in magnesium deficiency and look at the bottom right picture. it looks like the tips of those leaves but its all over mine. Thanks.
  2. more details would be good. nutes ppm/ph/medium etc.
  3. the plant is in blackearth potting soil and I used 20-20-20 for veg nutes and schultz 10-54-10 for flowering. Ive gave the plants 10-54-10 once a few weeks ago and about a week ago I gave them some advanced nutrients bigbud. I gave the plant a flush 4 days ago to see if it would stop spreading.
  4. NO MORE NUTEs you are killing you plants. weed will survive with little or no nutes. never use schultz 10-54-10 bad -very bad . use a 5-1-1 for veg and 0.1-1-8 for flowering . It takes more than a few days to see progress so be patient . If u can get your hands on some florakleen this will greatly help, get this . when adding nutes start with very very little this will prevent over fert.and dont use nute unless it needs it. Some plants and strains are more sensitive than others to nutes .\
    distilled water is your friend feed it nothing but until u see progress, be patient
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    ive just been feeding it water for a while now. Why is the schultz 10-54-10 bad? I got it because so many people said the miracle grow was bad so i switched to the schultz? last year I used miracle grow 10-52-10 for flowering and it worked great despite what everyone on here said about it ruining bud and all. There was hardly any chemical taste at all in my bud and it got me really high.Some of the best bud ive smoked to date was grown with miracle grow. People who say its bad must just use way to much of it or forgot to flush at the end of flowering.

    I know for a fact I overnuted my 2 plants because I got the instructions on the back mixed up when I was adding the advanced nutrients bigbud. Its just that i flushed them a while ago and didnt know if I should keep flushing because the problems still going.

    did anyone look at the picture on google that looks like my problem?
  6. when you use a pk booster you need to reduce your base nutes or you'll burn them.

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