Brown crispy leaf tips / purple stems!

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  1. have two Green Ribbon that are about 6 or 7 weeks old, started from seed. I'm on a budget for now :( i had them under 2 42W 6500K CFL lights for about the first 5 or 6 weeks. just transplanted them both to 5 gallon pots yesterday and picked up 4 100W 6500K CFL lights and installed them. hoping the transplant helps the plants out a lil bit. They seem to have crispy brown tips on the fan leaves ( maybe magnesium problem? ) also i've noticed purple stems ( heard it might be not enough nitrogen? ) I water them about every two or three days, feed fox farm big bloom
    and grow big every other watering. temperature stays around 80. i'm using soil from my local nursery, has bat guana and worm castings and all that good shit. Any tips or help would be appreciated on how to help my lil babies out. I'm on a budget though! One Love!

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    Reddish stem is usually a genetic trait that doesn't necessarily signify a problem. That said, Phosphorus deficiency commonly causes patches of necrosis and can also cause the stems to become more reddish than normal.

    You are probably watering too often, which causes leaf drooping. Wet the soil all the way through at each watering and allow at least the top quarter of the soil to become completely bone dry before watering again. Heat can also contribute to leaf drooping but shouldn't be your issue if it's 80 at the plant tops.

    Fox Farm Big Bloom is a micronutrient supplement and not a primary fertilizer. It should only be used as an additive to other ferts. Within the Fox Farm fertilizer line, the Tiger Bloom is the one that's high in Phosphorus and what your plants likely need at the moment. Bone Meal and high-P Guanos are some of the best sources of Phosphorus.

    Before providing more nutrients, check the soil pH. High pH can lock out Phosphorus and other nutrients as well. If the pH is too far off then the plants may not be able to make use of the extra nutrients you provide.

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