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brown bud hairs

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by djdub92, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. i think i might have an issue. i am almost threw 6 weeks of flowering and my plants are doing great. the only thing is that many fan leaves are yellowing and dieing, but i am not worried about this i think they can. i am worried about the pistils turning brown. i dont know if they are starting to brown for harvest or if i did somethin wrong. they might have powder mold
  2. The leaves die naturally during flowering, the plant is focusing all it's energy on those buds.

    Brown pisitils? Not sure, could be the strain, but they should have been white when they first came out. They're probably not as brown as you think (need pic).
  3. true the hps can mke green look yellow lol. i will pull 1 plant out and look and get a pic

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